Ann & Frank were an amazing couple. They reached out to me on a rather short notice for engagement pictures initially. As luck would have it, I had some availability (plus they live on our street) so we scheduled a quick 30-minute session and I can’t help but tell y’all how amazing those two are! Both in their early 70’s (you can’t tell!), full of life, love, and laughter. They had met the year prior and couldn’t make a cuter couple. They quickly pointed out that with age comes a sense of living in the moment, enjoying the time you have, right now. To live life to the fullest and they weren’t lying. As I captured their love for each other, we really clicked and I was asked to also document their wedding, which I happily agreed to! The wedding was a small family affair, with our beloved Justice of the Peace Beth Smith, and as the unpredictability of Texas weather would have it, it stormed. That didn’t deter the couple, or me from making this a memorable day. I can’t tell y’all how happy I was to be a part of this event – even with the challenges of indoor lighting & small spaces. The love the 2 have for each other made it all worth it.

Check out some of our engagement pictures and some of the wedding pictures below:


Ann & Frank – Never Too Old for Love & Laughter

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