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We try not to act out in public, but at home, where we are surrounded by love, we often have our worst moments. Our family sees our worst and our best. Love always.

Home Is Where You Are Loved The Most And Act The Worst.

Children, Happiness, home, Inspiration, Life, Love, Memories, Parenting, People you love, reflection

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A picture quote to make your day a little brighter.

Be Grateful ~ Find Happiness

Happiness, Inspiration, picture, Quotes

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Inspired by a quote from the book “War and Peace” comes a self reflection about what I crave in life and how to achieve simplicity, goodness and truth if you just look.

There is no greatness where simplicity, goodness and truth are absent.

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As fall came, the realization that life as I knew it wasn’t what I wanted came too. Reflections of a social INFJ

Fall ~ Tales of the New Season & Life as I know it

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How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie It’s been a long long time since I have read this book. I’ve seen it pop up more than once recently and I think it’s great. If you are in need of a book that will change your life and the way you see the […]

How to Win Friends and Influence People

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A Story about Survival, Love, Passion and Music I hope you have tissues ready. I really do. I found this video a while back and have been watching it repeatedly for the last week. Growing up in Germany, you learn about the war, the concentrations camps, you read books, you discuss, you learn, you visit […]

Alice Herz-Sommer – The Lady in Number 6

blogging, Children, Geeks and Nerds, Memories, Parenting, People you love, Social Media, Uncategorized

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It was my daughters 11th birthday last Saturday and it didn’t hit me until today, when I read a post about leaving your legacy by the lovely ladies from Ask Ajna, how fast time has gone by. It feels like it was yesterday (yes, so much cliché) when I found out I was pregnant, gave birth 9 […]

The Legacy I’ll Leave My Children

blogging, Children, Memories, Parenting, People you love, Social Media, Uncategorized

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I favor Black and White photographs, pencil or coal drawings. Obviously, if you look at my blog 🙂 To me there is something mystical, oddly romantic about black and white. We see colors every day, most pictures are in color, we know the colors of our surroundings, we never question anything. Black and White gives […]

Black and White.. or is it?

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