From Farm To Table

Explore The World With
Chef Dee

I believe in community, friends, & family. Getting together, sharing meals, drinks, laughter, and memories. Food and eating brings people & communities together. We share the love & comfort of food across cultures & the world. As a chef & parent, I understand the importance of knowing where your food comes from, how history influences our choices, and how we can learn to eat better. Join me in my food ventures and let’s learn and cook together!

You don’t have to lurk. I want to get to know you, hear from you, learn from you. What are your favorite foods, what do you want to know about food, how does it affect you and your family? There are a lot of questions surrounding food, drinks, supporting local, eating farm to table, changing our food habits, keeping our heritage and old recipes alive, and how we individually as well as a community can make a difference.

Together we can and will make a difference. I know that every purchase of my strawberry jam, every bread I sell, any food I make from scratch, with local ingredients, makes a difference – not just for me in the form of income to support my family, but also for the farmers I buy my ingredients from so they can support their family, and then my customers – because they get REAL food, made with love and care. Organic, local, delicious and you can taste the difference.

SO – what am I all about?

  • Food. Drinks. Desserts. Herbs.
  • Family. Friends. Community. Cultures.
  • Local Farms. Mom & Pop Shops. Single Moms & Dads Trying To Provide For Their Family.
  • Heritage Recipes. Heritage Stores. Heritage Items.
  • Healthy Living. Exercise. Nature.
  • Animals. Plants.
  • Germany. Italy. United States.
  • Coffee. Tea.
  • Dragons. Photography. Social Media.

Grab some coffee or tea, get comfortable, and explore the world with me. My main focus will be food, drinks, heritage foods (for me), some humor, family things, and local vendors, restaurants, and farms – and some European ones – I am traveling this summer! Please do get in touch and follow my facebook page so we can chat, share ideas, and more! PS: Please do send me your favorite places, farms, people, or food you think I should cover!

My home base is currently Wimberley, Texas. Nestled in the beautiful hill country between San Antonio & Austin. Will travel for food 😉