My first blog :)

Social learning
Learn through shared knowledge.

Though I use this blog for my College course, I will still try to make this a good read and put my thoughts out there, unless of course it is not needed. While I am passionate about using Social Media, I have come to realize, that in all honesty.. I don’t have a clue!

 It was mentioned in my last class “Organizational Behavior” how to stay on top of the game, incorporate different backgrounds, ethnicity, ideas and so on, it also mentioned Social Media as tools. As I was reading it I thought, “Of course, makes sense!” but didn’t think about everything it entailed. Then I was invited to the Social Media Forum at the ACC Campus and attended. I had NO idea how extensive Social Media really is, what it really is or how to use it. Most of us think Facebook, back in the day Myspace when we think of Social Media. Even Twitter, which I signed up for and never used because I thought it weird. I still don’t know what the deal is with # blablabla. There were some awesome speakers at the forum, i.e Jill Brockmann (my Professor) and Shama Kabani. Very inspiring and eye-opening for a regular Saturday. I couldn’t get it out of my head and decided I wanted to learn more, learn how to make use of the great tools we are provided with and yet so little understand. So here I am, as you can tell I like to talk/write! I have read a variety of Social Media articles today but the following article by , stuck with me. Makes sense and I think it is a good read to start a course about Social Media. Have you wondered if it is worth it? If it’s good for your employees or you as and employer? Let me know your thoughts! It’s a bit lengthy but I think worth your time. Enjoy!


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