Texas eating

Yummy BBQ

While my focus is photography, I love food as well and what better than to combine the 2! When I think food photography I don’t think what we see in advertisements, i think beautiful portraits of food and places, that makes it look so delicious you can smell and taste it! I obviously like food, visually appealing food even more. I also find that a well taken picture of food, blown up and hung in a frame can function quite nice as accents or topics of conversation. I mean, how many people really hang up food pictures? 

So this picture is a picture my mother took when she visited me in Texas. We took her out to eat and what better place than BBQ! Not just any BBQ but to the SALTLICK. Its a small BBQ place in Driftwood, TX that has some awesome BBQ and appeared featured on the FOOD NETWORK before. My mom took a bunch of pictures and combined them using Photoshop. This picture actually is framed up hanging on my wall. It looks homey, warm and inviting! So I will post 2 links, one to Saltlick of course and one to a photographer that writes and takes food pictures among others 🙂 She has been to Austin, Tx and has some really good insights. So a good match all around! Enjoy the pages and share your favorite foods, restaurants or what you would like to see in pictures! Have you ever taken Food pictures? Would you put them on your wall?

This is the link to Penny De Los Santos.


This is to Saltlick



4 thoughts on “Texas eating

  1. glamshooter says:

    photography is best when it is able to wake up emotions. foodpictures can remind you of your childhood, it instantly is able to make you even smell the food and put you back on your mothers table or it is inspiring, giving you ideas what to put on the stove next. when i look at the collage it puts me right in that place, reminds me of the great time we had that day and gives me a good feeling. i guess, that is what it’s all about:
    frozen memories that melt in our hearts every time we look at them.
    as for me, yes, i take foodpictures and hang them up. love the pureness of a single apple or rasberry. i do not hang up pictures of muffins and cakes or other sweets, hehe. that is just too dangerous
    great job, really love your blog!

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