A Photograph… a window to the soul?

A picture says more than a thousand words. We all have heard the saying more than once. I do believe a single photograph can speak volumes. Many do not require any explanation. It is the beauty and the curse of that very moment in time, captured in that fleeting second.

Is photography a window to the soul? I think so. Not all pictures are staged, even when professionals take them. Many prefer natural “acting”. Be who you are, have fun! By doing so, they capture YOU. Since I want to inspire thought and discussion, I will post a few different pictures. Some are taken by my mother, some by me. Not all are “staged”. Some are manipulated in Photoshop, some completely unedited.

I hope you are wondering why I do this. It is not to judge, criticize or ridicule. I want everyone to take a moment, look at the pictures, and interpret what they see. I would like to encourage you to post comments and really look at the pictures. Why do you feel this way? What made you think that thought? Does it remind you of something? Do you feel like you know them because of the picture? Possibilities are endless. Do you believe a photograph is a window to the soul?

I will not immediately comment, as I want to see what people think!

One more thing, photographs are not only a reflection of the person whose picture was taken it is also a reflection of the photographer, who has his or her very own knack and hunch when taking pictures. Every photographer is an artist and as artists we each see the world around us differently and with our own style born through our soul.

Food for thought.. or photograph for thought?

what do you see?

who am I

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