Black and White.. or is it?

Journey I favor Black and White photographs, pencil or coal drawings. Obviously, if you look at my blog 🙂 To me there is something mystical, oddly romantic about black and white. We see colors every day, most pictures are in color, we know the colors of our surroundings, we never question anything. Black and White gives it depth and character. Colors are noisy to my eyes but a simple black and white theme can be applied to ANYTHING and it works. Mono pictures (which is another term for Black and White) can be very emotional and moody. They set the stage for pictures that can tell stories. There is a certain purity to these pictures in my mind. 

But is Black and White truly just that? No, it’s never just Black and White, there are always shades of grey. I know this book everyone is raving about, 50 shades of grey.. not what I am talking about 😉 Shades of grey are vital to life and pictures. It gives it that depth, that character, that mood. It makes it interesting, makes you wonder, makes you question, makes you search.. It doesn’t matter if you take this outlook for a photograph, or for life itself. I mentioned earlier I thrive on clear outlines, black and white, set expectations, but as life goes it never works that way. Life itself is full of shades of grey, I guess that’s what makes it so interesting. Constantly discovering new things, seeing the same thing you saw as a child as an adult and it has a whole new meaning. Adapting to the ever changing world we live in, modify our lives and who are. Redefining ourselves over and over again, rewriting our story.

Capturing that moment in time, with all of our shades of grey we had in that moment, looking back years later, finding ourselves time traveling for just a moment.

Tell me, what do you like? Do you agree with me? Or do you favor colors. Why? How do you see life?

I have found this link for tips to get a good B&W picture if you are interested.

As always, leave comments, like this, share this, follow me on this journey and see the world through my eyes…


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