Home is where the heart is

My home away from home in Texas.

Home is where the heart is. They wrote songs about it, people talk about it, some like me, live it. Home, where is that really? Is it surrounded by your family, your parents, siblings, children or is it where your friends are. Is your home where your job is? Where your passion is? Can home be only one place or can you be at home in more than one place? 

I think home is a versatile word. Its not static, not only one place. You can live at one place but not be home. I am at home in Germany with the family I grew up with. That will never change, no matter how many times I move, how far away I move or how long I have been gone. My grandparents house, the house I grew up in as long as I can remember, where my parents, my grandparents and my sister live, will always be home.

Home with my kids

I am also home, here in Texas with my family, my children. Where ever they are, they go, I will be home. I am home with my friends, the ones I grew up with and the ones I have met later in life. Honestly, I think I am pretty adaptable, I can be home most places I go, because to me it is not the house, the furniture, the neighbors or the country. It is in your heart. My heart is divided into many fragments, each holding a special place sacred that I call home. Each one accessible to me, connected with and through memories. Don’t get me wrong, I am homesick at times. I miss my family, my friends, the countryside, the food, and yes my younger years I was able to spend so worry free. Those times I look at pictures, call my friends or draw and remember that place.

Home is a place where you can be you. No fake front, no pretending, no smiling when you want to cry, a place where you can get a hug, or a gallon of ice cream with lots of whip cream and sprinkles! Home is warm, comforting, happy and sad, full of memories, filled with love. So if you read this and you feel homesick wherever you are, remember this… home is where the heart is. You don’t have to physically there. Cook the dish your mom used to make, listen to the songs that remind you of your grandparents, drink one in honor of your friends, call them, write letters; real letters, send them with the mail, look at pictures, whatever let’s you have a piece of home. Know you’re not alone, know there are others who miss their home, others who miss YOU, because you are part of their life too! Remember home, create home and live!

Share if you are homesick, how you create home, where home is for you, if you agree or disagree.

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Here is a video :

Home Is Where The Heart Is – Lady Antebellum



One thought on “Home is where the heart is

  1. glamshooter says:

    home to me is where i can be myself, where i am comfortable, loved. home is my safe harbour i can always come back to and find shelter. and home is, where my dogs wait for me :-))

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