In a wink of time

I hope I caught your interest with my past blogs. If this is your first time on my blog, welcome and I hope you stay to read my other posts. I have written about reflection, the soul of a photograph, food as art and a few others. I chose In a wink of time as a title to emphasize how fast time flies. To stress the importance of little moments, fleeting pictures, scenes passing by so fast we forget. 

In a wink of time, many things happen that our eyes capture, our brain registers, sorts through, makes quick note of the important and discards just as fast. A wink of time, the blink of an eye, fleeting moment.. all expressions for how quickly time and life moves. Capturing people and animals is a great way to remember them by and creating memories for a life time. But what about those moments, that happen so quick, without thought, that laugh, that kiss, that hug, that funny face, the first step of a child. Of course, we don’t always have a camera or a photographer handy. We would look pretty silly, toting a photographer with us yelling “Look there that take it! Oh no took too long.. moment lost.” Made you laugh? Good. Since that isn’t the most practical solution, I have come up with this. I challenge you to take 5 random, spur of the moment, wink of time, blink of an eye pictures every day for 7 days. Humor me and yourself if nothing else. Keep a camera or your cellphone handy. Mine takes pretty good pics and it works for what I have in mind. Then at random times, take a pic of something you see, you wouldn’t normally think twice about. Maybe its a butterfly passing, maybe it’s your kid laying on the couch, random people that caught your eye (make sure they are ok with it), your cat sleeping, your coffee cup on the counter. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are random, spontaneous, nothing staged, no “say cheese!!!!” After 7 days, look at all the pictures you have taken, remember that moment, show someone and tell them why you did it and what you remember.

If you want to send them to me, I am all for that! Send the pics with a brief description and I will feature them on my blog down the road. I will do the same! What purpose does this have? Seems silly and pointless? Here’s what I think. Stopping 5 times a day, just briefly to take a picture increases your situational awareness. Your brain registers what you are doing since you are making a conscious choice. It will create memories. It will give you something to laugh about. It will give you something to share and talk about. Speaking of sharing. You do not have to share them with me, but if you start posting 5 random, out of context pictures on your facebook, twitter, blog or any other social media tool of your liking, I am pretty sure you will get a response, where in turn you can share the idea and maybe inspire someone else, who could use 5 small breathers a day, to stop and and do just that, breathe. 😀

As always, share your thoughts, questions, ideas, like us, follow us, share us! As for me I am excited to see what people come up with that don’t know each other! Happy memory making 😉



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