“From error to error, one discovers the entire truth.”

The fascination of something new

From error to error, one discovers the entire truth.” Sigmund Freud. What a perfect quote for blogging, photography and life! How do we all learn.. trial and error. We try and if it works, good for us and if not we start over, we observe, we evaluate, we think, we talk about it and try again.

When we grow up we forget about discovery. We think we know what there is to know. We went to school, we grew up, made our mistakes and learned from them. Now we are adults, busy with our lives, jobs and families. Rarely do we truly discover something new. We don’t stop our busy lives to look at the world around us. Well I do and you should too. I discovered blogging and I am in love with it! I discovered something new even though I knew about blogs, bloggers and blogging. It is a whole new fascinating world to me. I am sure I make errors in blogger etiquette, choice of topics or format. When I get feedback to my trials I will adjust and rediscover and try anew. Life is a learning platform. We learn without even thinking about it, everyday something new. Disagree? Pay attention tomorrow. At your job, a new assignment, an article you read and wow learned something new, your friend tells you she heard about this new amazing restaurant.. aha learned something new. Even little things. Are you going to like the restaurant? Who knows but you will learn if you go, you will discover new food, new places, new people. You discover things about yourself even when you’re old. I find life fascinating, with new things around every corner. I have a childlike sense of curiosity and everyone should. You are never too old to learn or discover. Take the time and view life like you did when you were young. Play with colors, fabrics, food, people, conversations. The sky is the limit! Try something new today make it a challenge. Yes, I like challenges and I like to challenge. We become content and comfortable. Break out! Kick monotony to the curb.

For the artists out there, how many times have you lived through trial and error and ended up with something amazing? I am sure more than once. Now, I believe there are people who have a natural knack for let’s say photography or art. They pick up a camera and produce powerful pictures effortlessly. Yet, I am sure even they had pictures they wish they had never done. We try, we know what we want and we try till we are at least OKAY with the result. Sometimes, we look and try too hard. Especially in photography. I do have access to my mothers camera once a year 🙂 I will bug her for it and I know what I want in a picture. Yet my best ones are on the fly, when my inner curiosity kicks in and I see something no one else seems to see. Trial and error. I learned I take awesome pictures if I trust my intuition and curiosity. Can I take good pictures that are staged? Absolutely, but it takes me longer to get them right.

They fly!

Children are discoverers. They live to discover, to try, to fail, to try again and again. It makes their day to figure something out. In the first picture my oldest daughter is featured. Look at the look of wonder, amazement and curiosity. About fish.. at Sea World. Here is a secret. I have the same face when I go. 😀 Stunningly beautiful and marvelous. The other picture is my niece. She discovered what I call wishing flowers. Look at her face as she discovered they come off and FLY.. how cool is that?! I still play with wishing flowers, do you? This picture looks perfect, but I am sure, actually I know, my mom took more than one to get that shot that depicts the entire truth of the moment. The capturing of a discovery. Of a wonder, something unexpected. Something fun to do!

Let’s take this a step further and include Social Media. How fast can we share and learn from it! The internet a 24 hour a day platform with infinite knowledge on virtually any topic! People sharing their errors, their successes! I use facebook and I learn things about friends all the time, discover new sides to them, new places or new things, because truly, facebook is our very own diary open to the world… That is a topic for another time. The rate that we share things, the speed of information is an amazing tool for us to use!

My challenge to you.. Discover something new about yourself, your partner, your friend. Try something new and if it does not work..try again and again! I have faith in you and I may not even know you. Wherever you are, try. Share with me your discoveries, your trials and errors and your truths you found about life!

Gerhard Shaller said “I have seen it because I photographed it.” Think about it, do you think there is a truth to it? That you miss out because you don’t stop to look?

Here is an article I found while I was writing this blog.. I multitask.. should see my screen. I love it, it talks about experimenting and trying. Good fit for what I wrote about. Check it out if you have time.


As always, thank you for reading, I hope I can inspire at least one person a day. Let me know if I do! Like this, share this, comment and follow me. Don’t be shy!



6 thoughts on ““From error to error, one discovers the entire truth.”

  1. kdtaylor2007 says:

    I totally agree with Jill you have grasped this social media. Glad, to have the experience of see what a good blog looks like.

    1. deannaayres says:

      Thank you! I try.. it takes up sooo much time but it is so much fun to me. It’s awesome when I get responses in regards to the posts, I want to be more interactive 🙂 Have a great weekend! I am sure your blog will be awesome as well!

      1. kdtaylor2007 says:

        It is time consuming and I just don’t have the time right now. I’m trying to learn the techniques to later apply them when I am developing my project in this area. I do believe I have come a long way.

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