Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.

If you click the picture you can make it bigger.. look at the detail!

Edward O. Wilson

Tonight I am going to start by talking about my youngest sister. She is married, no kids, loves to take photographs ( I think it runs in our family, but skipped my middle sister haha ) and she loves animals! Well most of us do like some kind of animal, but she and her husband favor geckos, bearded dragons, rats and a rabbit. Odd choice you think? YES, but that is what makes my sister so wonderfully unique and different. Unfortunately, they suffered some losses and all but one rat died to age, which was very hard on them. I will include more pictures in a bit. That being said, they breed geckos and have been doing a pretty good job for quite some time. What they hadn’t managed, despite many many tries, was to breed leopard geckos. They would find eggs, take them and place them into the incubator, but unfortunately none ever hatched. Last week, I was writing on of my blogs and she messages me on facebook. Completely excited asking “Can I call, can I call, can I call????” Now, she is in Germany and I am in Texas. It was about 1 am here and I normally have pretty set times when I am available for phone calls. She sparked my curiosity, I mean if my sister ever asks me this late if she can call and more than once, then yes, call I want to know! So I answer my phone and all I hear is my over excited sister screeching in the phone for quite a few minutes.. I finally get her to a point where I can understand what she said. “My first 2 leopard babies just hatched and they are beautiful!!!!” She was in heaven, her many tries, heartbreaks, tears, finally paid off. She was a mama to leopard geckos. Since then she has been kissed by luck as she now has a total of 5 gorgeous mini leopard geckos. She took her camera and took some awesome pics of the little beauties and shared them on facebook and graciously gave me permission to use them. Congratulations 😉

Animal photography is a very own art form. Animals don’t always cooperate, but you can take some absolutely fabulous pictures of your loved companions no matter the animal. I chose to not write about cats and dogs, so many people do and I want to share my unique family. She loves her geckos as much if not more as most love their dogs and cats. They have a special relationship, even if people say lizards, geckos, reptiles cannot form bonds, I beg to differ. Of course, they are wild animals and should be treated as such, but they respond to her a very special way. I never thought of geckos as photogenic.. She changed my mind. I am amazed by the details she captured. They are not perfect pictures, but they have soul, heart and show her admiration for them. Having pictures to remember your loved companion is a special thing. We form bonds, we love them, we cry when they die. They have a place in our hearts, they share our lives. Every species has their own unique features and photography can highlight these. Obviously not everyone wants to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of their pet, but it is not a bad idea. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars but a good picture is worth a bit. Highlights the best in them and shows their true beauty.

Unfortunately due to allergies I cannot own pets. Maybe a fish and while they are pretty to look at I pass. It makes me sad that I can’t have a dog and I love really big dogs but hey such is life. I do however have plenty of pictures of past dogs I loved dearly and I can remember the good times I had with them.

Do you take pictures of your pets? Would you share them with us? Do you have any funny ones? Would you pay for someone to put your pet in the spotlight? Share stories about your unique pet and why it or they are special to you!

I added a small slideshow with family pets and if you send me yours, I will add them too. If you would like more information about geckos, contact me and I will direct you to my sister!

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4 thoughts on “Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.

  1. glamshooter says:

    i am a dog-person and there is so much love in a dog’s heart. shows right through their wonderful eyes and the way they treat you. love to take pictures of my dogs and show their personalities. and i love the pictures of the gecko. she did such a good job with the macro!

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