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Time to spice things up a bit and add a sizzling blog! It’s hot and so is this. Time to explore sensual purity!

My title is “Purenographic”. What is that you may wonder? Let me start here. In these days we are flooded with naked models, pornography that show distorted images of men and women, photo-shopped models telling us we should look like them. Advertisement, internet, social media are all tools to distribute a false image of reality, that in truth does not exist. However, what does exists is pureness; hot, sizzling pureness. Hence my title “Purenographic”.


I want to highlight true, pure beauty in women. Being sexy without having to bare all, showing a very erotic side that turns heads and creates wants, without giving away all of the goodies in one picture! Sexy, sizzling pictures of their girlfriend, fiancee or wife is a dream, MANY men have, but women often shy away from it, especially here in America. It has the perception of dirty, of crossing a line, too private, shameful. Let me tell you women in the world. Your body is nothing to be ashamed of! Every one of you can have stunning pictures without showing it all.

Blindfolded yet really attractive!

A professional photographer will not in any way shape or form make you uncomfortable and if he or she does, walk away and keep looking! Pictures like these do not need to be presents to your partner, though they do appreciate you as an art form. Pictures like these, well taken, that highlight your unique features can serve as a huge self esteem boost! If nothing else and you know you are smoking hot, have sizzling photographs taken that do not reveal it all and in 20 years you can show off and say “Hey, this was me!” If you are not comfortable, have the photographer blindfold you, relax and watch how awesome results happen.

Now I am not saying that these pictures have not been edited a bit on photoshop. What I am saying is that they don’t take away 30 pounds, wrinkles, and give curves where you have none or vice versa. In my opinion what they show, is beauty and sex appeal as featured in this picture. If I was her, I would totally hang this picture up in my house. It doesn’t reveal anything but it’s sensual purity.

You can also just choose to highlight let’s say a more romantic, playful side of yourself… Take this picture as an example. If you click on it, you can make it bigger. Look at the detail.. see the tattoo by her hand? It reveals NOTHING but is another example of purenography. It leaves room for imagination, thought, want and need. Like a christmas present to unwrap. This could be you! Would you be proud to own a picture like that? Since it does not feature the head, would you gift it to your partner?

If you are more comfortable with yourself and want a bit more raunchy and ready to go, these last 2 pictures may be up your alley. I love the boots! I find these pictures extremly appealing and well done. They are inviting.

Would you love to be like her? Well you can. Toss out your fear, find a good professional photographer, leave your partner at home, think about what you would like. Go buy yourself some nice lingerie, get your nails done, your hair done and make this about you! Take some time to think how you see yourself and how you would like to see yourself. Do you have a side that is dark? Romantic? Whatever it may be.. Spice yourself up, be yourself and have some awesome sizzling photographs of yourself that let you shine and feel sexy without loosing you!

All these pictures have been taken by my mother, so please remember not to download and distribute and alter them in any way shape or form other than in the full blog post as posted by me and allowed to share only as my full post. Please be respectful of her permission to share these with us and appreciate the art. I can put you in contact with her if you have any questions regarding these and/ or their distribution. Or if you are in Texas in November she will be here so maybe she can squeeze you in. 😉

Have I got your interest? Feel like the lady in the picture?                                             Share your thoughts and comments with me. Am I right or wrong? Do you have something to add? Share your experiences. Would you do a shoot like this?

As always, like this, share this, follow me *you never know what I come up with next 😉 and please comment!

Have a hot sizzling day, till next time…


PS: I do and did not intend to make anyone uncomfortable. I hope I did not and if I did, well maybe it’s time to loosen up a bit!


7 thoughts on “Purenographic

      1. Miguel Espitia says:

        And get this Men can be just as exciting as women to! Even though I don’ t have a six pack showing(but I know there is one there) I am comfortable with being “Real”. Media plays it out that this is the way we should be but excuse me that is far from the truth! Ladies and gents keep it real, because false advertisement is only gonna let you down. P.S. I just might want to do a tasteful shot for my wife!

  1. deannaayres says:

    Miguel, great point! I had thought about it but I actually had decided to give men and couples their own separate posts. They all deserve their own attention since all are different and focus on each sex or as a whole together. I don’t believe you need a six pack to have great pictures. I have seen very alluring and attractive pictures of “overweight” people. I actually find being “real” a lot more appealing. It shows you are comfortable in your own skin and that itself is it’s own form of sexiness!
    P.S. My mom will be in Austin the beginning of November this year 😉 if you want I can arrange something 😛

  2. rosie says:

    i support this – beautiful – i just did a search on the word purenographic as it came thru me and found you. sexuality and innocence, combining the desire and life force with respect, reverence, beautiful spirit, thank you for this, it has inspired and i feel a parallel intention to you..all the best, rosie

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