I wish you could see yourself through my eyes

Different? Maybe.. beautiful nonetheless

I have heard that line a bunch of times in my life. Sometimes I wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Obviously when you ask why, the answer is pretty much the same across the board. Because you are amazing, because you are pretty, because you are talented and you don’t see it. Well I don’t know if it’s because I don’t see it or if it is because I’d like to think I am modest and I acknowledge that there are always prettier, more amazing, more talented, more creative people, people who achieved their dreams and I feel like I am on a road there. Then of course there is the.. you act like a complete idiot! I wish you could see yourself through my eyes and see how you really act! Who really says that though, it’s more a thought. Especially looking at facebook. Everyone’s personal diary, where vomit of the mouth has no censorship but ultimately can have major consequences as more and more employers look at facebook to see who you REALLY are. Facebook is also an immediate tool for people to judge your looks and your pictures! They can be shared, altered, manipulated. But that’s not the point of this blog. I may touch that another time.


“See yourself through my eyes” is what a photographers life is. They look through their lenses and what they see they shoot. They capture you through their eyes. That is also the reason and the beauty why every photographer sees you and shoots you different. We as people are very visual. We have preferences we like and we highlight these things. (In my case my eyes) So do photographers. They are artists and you are their object. They highlight you and whatever unique beauty they see in you in their pictures. I love having my picture taken, instant self esteem boost. IF done by someone professional. I have had horrible pictures taken of me and they are of course an instant downer and or wake up call. I remember I was pregnant with my first and ready to pop. In the mirror I didn’t think I looked that big and never understood why people asked if I was having twins.. Until I saw the picture my mom took.. DEAR LORD I was huge! No more denying it. Granted I got lucky and most went away on its own.

Be who you are

I don’t want to highlight seeing the bad. I want to highlight the good. We as humans are critical of ourselves and others. More ourselves probably. Media adds to a perceived beauty that is not real or in most cases not achievable by natural means. 😉 I see myself in a very critical light about many things in life not just looks. I compare myself a lot to other people because I believe I can do better. Being content where I am is not always an option. There is more and I know it. The road is long and hard and I have cuts and bruises so do you! Yet, I am told “I wish you could see yourself through my eyes” I wish I could too sometimes. Closest thing to that though are photographs. They show who you are. Granted you can always fake the funk, but even that is showing something about you. Fake smiles can be spotted A MILE away on pictures. A couple not close, can also be seen almost instantly. Happiness speaks through pictures, so does sadness. I like to be a photographers canvas. Lay my soul bare if they let me. Be who I am and who I want to be. Show people who they are and can be. I also see things in people they don’t see and I make it a point to let them know. It’s a never ending cycle. There is always SOMEONE in the world who believes you are beautiful, unique, talented and more! That sees qualities in you that either you don’t believe you have or you used to believe and have heard otherwise from people and stopped believing. Don’t sell yourself short. We know where our flaws are. Weight is always a topic. Time to work on it if it bugs you and if not GOOD FOR YOU. I mean it. I admire your self esteem! Share some with us 🙂

Do not stop believing. Do not stop hoping. Do not ever think you are ugly. You are unique. You may not be considered beautiful by societies standards but there is someone out there for you who believes in you and believes you are beautiful! My advice to you, go make an appointment with a talented photographer and treat yourself to what I like to call an “empowerment shoot” A shooting all about  highlighting you and who you are.

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