Engagement shooting

I just wanted to share some sample pictures of the latest engagement shooting! Love is such a wonderful thing and as a photographer to be allowed to capture the stepping stones in other peoples lives is a true joy!

Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to check out my other posts πŸ˜‰


Published by deannaayres

I am the Chef & Owner behind The Salty German in Wimberley, TX and Fitzhugh Kitchen in Dripping Springs. I'm also an avid *food* blogger and want to highlight the importance of local foods, vendors, and farms while cooking and investing in your health, family, and community. When I am not working I am a dragon loving, coffee drinking, superhero, fitfanatic, healthy food advocate, with 3 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, a bearded dragon, and iguana, a husband, and a lot of goals for the future.

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  1. I really like this posting. What gets me is the black and white photographs and how they seem to capture the moment..Awesome work! P.S. I was wondering how you did that slideshow?

    1. Thank you! I always favor black and white. As far as slideshow, when you upload a pictures stay on that screen and keep uploading. When you are done, click on media library and next to it gallery pops up. Click that tab, bottom left corner insert slideshow πŸ™‚

  2. Love the photo of the couple about to kiss. I also really like the header photo that your mother took.

    Who is German? Both you and your mother? I used to spend my summers in Munich and can hardly wait to go back and see my friends there.

    1. Thanks, I wish I would have had engagement pictures. My mother is German, I am half German/half American. I miss Germany! I used to live close to Munich it’s so pretty.

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