The DORK side :)

I just wanted to thank the dork side so much for sharing my blog post on their facebook site! The response was amazing and I had over 1500 views in one day!!!!  The overall feedback was also extremely positive which is really encouraging! It just shows that there are still people out there who are willing to give others a shot and help someone out<3 I can’t say enough how much I appreciated the help!

So go here :

and show them some love and don’t forget to mention I sent you if you do end up liking the page! Dorky humor for everyone 🙂

Oh and this is a prime example of how awesome social media can be! Not only did they share it to their 68 k following, people then shared it on facebook and on twitter and on google plus!! Power of the internet 🙂



Don’t forget to look through my archives and check out my other posts!


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