Back to the Past?

Sucked in

So my mom took this picture of my niece.Love her dearly and my sister may be upset with me after this but I love her too, so chill sis. ❤ I am about to step on more than her toes I am sure. If you look at the picture you will surely notice the cutie pie.. and her moms smartphone… and for good measure look at her little hand.. my mom said she was making a picture bigger…My niece has figured out the phone. Kudos to her. Never said she wasn’t smart 🙂 She also knows how to grab her mothers phone and call grandma.. who lives downstairs..can’t form a full sentence yet but “Oma” is good enough a signal that Oma comes to pick her up :). Therein lays my problem. She does not talk much (nobodies fault, my oldest didn’t speak much till 2 and a half either) but she knows how to work the phone, the laptop and mess around on moms facebook. At this point I do want to point out my sister is not a bad mother, we just disagree about this part.

Can’t give credit, would love to but MY POINT!!

I have noticed that most people find it totally acceptable to hand their smart phone or tablet to their toddler in order to keep them busy. I have watched it at the store, the doctors office, parks, playgrounds even.. seriously? Now, I am not saying that children and teenagers as a whole should not have access to electronic devices that can be used as educational and maybe sometimes recreational tools. BUT I have noticed a trend I find disturbing. It starts with small children using phones and tablets, again I understand they are smart enough, but is it smart to let them? When I think of toddlers I think of all the things they get to explore! Imagine you learn to sit, stand, walk, taste different food, start to color, feel different things, go outside, learn nature by exploring.. yeah that sand tasted yucky huh? You learn that you cannot just run a muck or scream. I used to ignore my oldest daughter tantrum at the store, kept walking and guess what.. oh no mommy isn’t looking fine I’ll quit… 🙂 Now I see kids in shopping cards screaming and wait for it.. here comes the smart phone or tablet. They are not paying attention to ANYTHING but that movie, game or whatever it is they can do on there. Yes, it keeps the kids occupied and quiet. But honestly.. isn’t that your job as a parent? To entertain and teach them how to deal with a situation they may be bored in? My kids HATE to go shopping.. they really do. I still make them help me, teach them prices, why we buy what we buy and they just have to deal.

Now, I am not innocent, that TV is a huge help sometimes when I am stressed and trying to finish all my homework in time. BUT I try to use it sparingly, none of my kids have a phone and they are not allowed on mine. My oldest is allowed on the computer to do research for something she wants to know about. She is 9 and really smart. My 6 year old gets to go on as a reward for super behaviour and again only sparingly. Do they want all those cool electronics? Absolutely, but aside from the price tag, I have an issue with it. My oldest wants a kindle fire.. I mean seriously? I buy her books, lots of them. I want her to read. She loves reading. USE A BOOK. I understand much to my daughters dismay that tablets come with internet, games and so much more. I have also seen these handy protectors you can buy to childproof your tablet.. seriously?

Speaking of my 9 year old. We had her birthday party this year and invited 4 other girls for a sleepover and I thought I had it planned out.. Well, I guess I am behind modern times. All 4 showed up with smartphones, texting their friends, their parents, having meltdowns, looking at videos on youtube, sharing their facebook.. and here is my 9 year old.. she has a cd player. Did I feel bad? NO, she is 9.. why should she need a phone?! I keep her off youtube just to find out they allow phones in school and she has seen it all.. including if you cry for 2 days straight your eyes will bleed.. Really? I find it excessive. I find it too much. What happened to the days where we played tag, hide n go seek, tell scary stories under the blankets, draw on paper and read books?!

I want to acknowledge that there are definitely plus sides to electronics and introducing your children to them, as well as using them as educational tools. I do think however it should be introduced slowly at around first grade. They all watch TV as is and it has been brought up in studies that children should be much limited on that and none under 2. Now I did let mine watch under 2 but my point is they watch TV, have comps, game systems, hand held systems, phones, tablets, mp 3 players and so on. Add up the time they spend doing that.. If my kids could they would have all those things, each their own, probably a homepage too and I am sure they would be good at it. I just don’t think it is smart. I want them to feel books, feel a pencil when they write, I buy expensive coloring pencils and let them experience drawing and practicing on paper.. although I am sure they could do awesome with a program online. She has a CD player and it works just fine, means everyone can listen to music not just her in her ears at a setting that will probably damage her hearing. I want them to be connected.. TO THE REAL WORLD.

We are sucked in to the internet, being connected, always online, always busy and we teach our children the same. Always more, always faster, always at the touch of a button.. Go back to the past a bit.. remember what it was like when you grew up.  I know we can’t go back to the past as much as some of us would like that. But I always see people complain about not being able to relax. Here is how. UNPLUG.. not all day I understand it isn’t reasonable and I don’t. Designate times and days where you are offline. I don’t check my phone or answer it during dinner. We are unplugged during dinner. ALWAYS. This is our time where we talk, joke, laugh, discuss.. the max I deal with is classical music as a background. I unplug the kids from the TV, they have times I allow them more or less but usually it is off for a majority of the day. I don’t watch much TV, I rather read a book. Take that time for yourself and turn the electronics off. No more after a certain time, or for a certain time. You can’t finish all the work all the time, but if you answer a client at midnight, they assume you always work that late and will expect it.. is that what you want? Back to the past, where you go home and maybe you are on call but that is temporary. UNPLUG a bit.. I promise the world won’t end. Spend time with your friends and family OFFLINE. Time is too precious to only connect online. Unplug your children. They need YOU, NOT an electronic babysitter as good as it sounds and as easy as it is. I have much more to say about this topic and I may write more blogs about it depending on the response I get 🙂

So, how do you deal with being plugged in? Are your children plugged in? Share your thoughts and tell me why you agree or disagree!

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10 thoughts on “Back to the Past?

  1. Jennifer says:

    I agree completely. You have treated your children just as I have treated mine. My 6 year old daughter only gets to go onto our laptops for a few minutes to play educational games and she has only used our cell phone to play a Match game once or twice. She reads books. We have read to her since she was a baby and she started speaking very early. Kids need to be kids. They need to use their imagination and explore, learn patience and how to entertain themselves. They have to grow up so quickly now days. I am not a prude, gadgets are wonderful and cab be very helpful, but to shove them in front of your kid because you don’t want to hear them whine, or give child too much access at an early age can be a dangerous thing.

    1. deannaayres says:

      Absolutely, and reading to your children is so important! I have read to them since they were little and we have story dice where we make up our own 🙂 we encourage creativity any chance we get.

  2. glamshooter says:

    i am with you 100% it is a fine line between taking adventage of modern possibilities and saying no to the risks included. i find it really hard for parents these days to decide on all those things, because you don’t want your child to be left on the outside but also having the responsibility to stand up for what makes sence and is good for your kid. to love your child and take good care of it includes saying NO when neccessary. as far as beeing plugged in my opion is : the best playstation is outside!

  3. Matt says:

    The “real world” is merely electrical impulses interpreted by our brain. It’s all one big simulation.

    Who’s to say that the color blue to me doesn’t looks like the color red to you?

    Then again…who’s to say that the perceivable universe isn’t being rendered by one very efficient graphics card? 😉

  4. techcommguy1stblog says:

    My daughter invited a friend over to go swimming. Before they even got in the pool, her friend asked if she could check her Facebook page on my daughter’s computer. After about an hour later, my daughter finally convinced her to actually go swimming. She’s never been back and I am glad. But I have to wonder about the role models kids have these days. My kids see my wife & I working on the computer all of the time, even though we are not always gaming or socializing. This has become the norm for a lot of people and I sometimes wonder what will next generation will be like!

    1. deannaayres says:

      I know, I am on this thing all day and all night.. I do online classes, I play my games, keep in touch.. it’s crazy.. BUT I do make a point to stay off it a while.. and yes kids and technology, my kids are deprived haha. Next generation is born with an iphone attached haha.. it is cool in it’s own way though!

  5. Miguel Espitia says:

    Man all the technology that lives on today, I can hardly get caught up or get with the program. I think when life was a little more simpler and without the worry of all these social media platforms. They are a good way to keep up but can also be addicting to one as well.

    1. deannaayres says:

      I agree, I chuckle when I tell my kids how we grew up and I get long faces and big eyes… LIKE SRSLY MOM? NO IPHONE TILL YOU WERE 17??? oh dear.. honey I had a NOKIA.. there were no iPhones… 🙂

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