Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.

The groom, the “second” most important person in a wedding. Sorry but usually the bride steals the show in a heart beat.. This is why I want to focus on him. When we think weddings we think brides first and foremost.. then groom quite a while later. But honestly.. he should be as much a star that day as she is. Let’s give him some credit for standing back and letting her shine, while he marvels over her beauty.

I also want to mention that grooms come in all different shapes and sizes and that I am a big fan of them expressing their individuality on their big day. No groom should change who he is just because he is attending his own wedding..actually especially then he should not! This is why the bride fell in love with him in the first place, so it shouldn’t be manipulated on the *big* day.

Obviously men are different creatures, hence the saying men are from Mars and women from Venus, but we can’t forget that grooms have fears, worries and excitement too! They get ready with the guys, maybe have a couple of drinks, (please don’t get too drunk..I know it’s nerve wrecking but nothing compared to the wrath of a bride..) joke around about how their life will “end” now. I want to believe it’s just a front to hide the emotional turmoil. After-all, he asked her to be his bride :). Why? Because he believes she is his match, the one that can put up with his quirks, understands him, loves him, he can see her as the mother of his children and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

I see the groom as the silent pillar of a wedding. He waits by the altar, smiles as she walks down, holds her hand and says yes I do. He can’t wait for that kiss to seal the miracle and let’s not kid ourselves.. the wedding night :D. He stands back and agrees with everyone who commends his bride on how beautiful she is and what a wonderful job was done with the wedding as a whole. He is the silent star and in my opinion quite underrated. Without the groom, there would be no wedding. So I think, he should be lifted up just like the bride. Ok, maybe a tiny bit less, who can compete with that.

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. This is what we hope for, dream for and wish for. Grow old together and have the time of our lives. It shouldn’t be viewed as now sucks.. but rather, marry me because I want to make it official but I promise you will not regret it, we will conquer life and children, ups and downs and in the end will will be better together. To me this is a perfect statement for a groom. It says so much in one little sentence. Just like the groom says so much by letting his bride be the star and just standing back being content with it all.

Oh, and let the groom hang with his friends! Yes, it is a day celebrating both of you but let him share it with his friends too! Let him have fun on his wedding day and you should too! Do silly games together, sing songs, dance crazy or whatever suits your needs.. (I would love an epic light saber battle but that’s just me) It’s all what makes this so much better! A day to remember!!

So as far as photography goes, I think the groom should be accompanied just like the bride. It is his day too and a lot of times there is too much focus on everyone but him. Taking pictures of how he gets ready, his focus, his smile and love when she comes down the isle, his happiness is just as important. Grooms do look good on their wedding day, they get dressed up too, make sure they look perfect for their wife and they go through the motions like everyone else. It should be captured and displayed.

I am sharing some of our groom pictures, let me know what you think, and no I didn’t forget the grooms cake.. but I don’t think a grooms cake truly is enough :p

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Here are a few more pictures. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.

  1. xxthemightyantxx says:

    I like the idea of having a photographer capture the day of both the groom and bride as they ready themselves for the big day when they become husband as wife, they can look back with friends and family and recall everything leading up to the ceremony. After I had proposed to my fiance I mentioned that I can’t wait to see her in her dress on her big day, she could of told me yeah me too I’m going to look pretty on my big day but she didn’t. She told me “ant, It’s not just my big day It’s yours too and we’re going to share it.” Your right that grooms are the silent pillar that wait at the altar for there wife to gladly giving her the attention, while holding her hand and waiting for the big “I Do.” Once again love the pictures your mom does a awesome job, 🙂 and so do you.

    1. deannaayres says:

      Thank you 😀 It’s nice to read about a bride who volunteers to share :P. And yes document everything so you can look back and remember.. weddings are filled with so much excitement and anticipation, the often go by in a * blur* and we just can’t remember little moments and things that happened. When is your big day?

  2. Miguel Espitia says:

    It is cool seeing the groom getting showcased too on his special day! Even though we await the bride to come down the aisle, we sometimes forget who is at the end of the aisle.. Thanks for sharing these pictures and remembering the men too!!!:)

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