“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Imagination is my escape. Often I live in my head, my own little world. Children have for the most part an amazing world going on in their head. Unless you are my oldest daughter who thrives on logic and facts.. then understanding me and the rest of us becomes difficult. 🙂 After watching and listening to her since she is little I have come to the conclusion that fantasy cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t. She is happy in her world of numbers and logic and I thrive in a made up world of magic. Albert Einstein said imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. One could argue how magic and fireballs are supposed to become reality or dragons.

My sis in her world..

Well, let us say you lived 200 years ago.. Most of what we can do today would be magic to them. Google glasses? SO cool and so magical.. an iPad? it’s like a crystal ball; just flat and much cooler.. It’s about perception. My reality is different than yours. I love wizards, you may think they suck. Is my world in my head ever going to be real? Probably not, but I have put it on paper. Well more like imaginary paper .. Word on the computer. 🙂 So if I ever publish it in some fashion and someone reads it and pictures it, it won’t be the same, but my world has become reality to someone else, even if it is only for the time it is being read. I am good with that. When I am submerged in my own little world I come up with great ideas that do relate to real life. Blog posts, games, things to do with my kids or conversation topics. My mind usually races and is kind of all over the place and I have a huge need to communicate it in some way. So my immediate family (god bless them) has to often listen to me ramble and rant. It’s how I work through my thoughts and find solutions when I can’t dive into my own world. My youngest daughter is the same way.. I apologize on a side note, I have a feeling I am rambling as I am writing this post.

So if you take the quote from Albert Einstein and apply it to my very practical daughter it works too. She is fascinated with space and robots and math and practical solutions to problems. She is already thinking about what she can do contribute to NASA in addition to coming up with practical solutions for her toys and  storage. Her imagination has nothing to do with wizards and magic but all the more with how to colonize Mars, utilize black holes and well organizing my kitchen cabinets because my reality of practicality is different than hers. I wish I would have the money to put her in a school for gifted and fund her project dreams! I am not saying she has no creativity though.. she does. She transformed herself into stealth elf from skylanders and her sister into hex… but very practical in her approach and it was very much for praise on her use of coming up with it and executing it extremely well for her age.

Now take my youngest, the silly one in the pictures you just saw. She has an army of stuffed animals and imaginary friends. She comes up with her very own set of things she considers practical and needed. Like a magic wand that she can use to clean her room, make cakes, pretty dresses and so on. I asked her if she also wants to use it to make her animals come to life… oh the look I got.. MOM.. how dare you.. they are alive you know that! Don’t be rude.. you hurt their feelings.. apologize.. and apologize I did. She dresses up all the time, princess, fairy, hex.. you rarely see her as *herself*


Then there is the youngest boy.. much like his father… is a ninja, batman, spiderman, knight and warrior. He is the master of karate and his idea of reality is fighting the enemy (a pillow or a backpack) with all his might. Scratches, bruises who cares. A fighter knows no pain. If his sister is up for it, wooden sword fights are very much fun too. They submerse into a world not everyone can follow.




Anyway, the point is go ahead and disappear into that imaginary world and see what you come up with. It is so much fun. We grow up and stop going there because we think it’s kid stuff… I don’t think so. Creative imaginary minds come up with the greatest ideas. It may not be able to be done right now but once an idea is there people can start working on making it happen! No ideas, no progress.. If you forgot how to do it ask your kids.. they will take you with them on the miraculous journey of discovery. Like my niece does to my mom when they go for walks. Discover a new world around you, because believe me they see things you don’t. Let them lead you and just follow, give up control!

From a photography stand point this is perfect.. free flow of creativity.. nothing holding you back, no one to tell you this is not what we wanted. You can take to photoshop and add some extra magic to it..

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Are you like me or more like my oldest? Do you still take the journey to a land not of this world?

As always, I hope you enjoyed the journey and the pictures! Like it, comment, share it, follow me..



12 thoughts on ““Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

  1. Miguel Espitia says:

    Without an imagination then this world would be boring! I think that with an imagination there comes creativeness. As a designer we have to think outside the box and that takes using your imagination to come up with great ideas. Paul Rand was the best with his imagination he produced many works of art!! Great post!!

    1. deannaayres says:

      I have heard of Paul Rand but I will have to look him up again! Thank you 🙂 and yes of course in your profession you would be lost without creativeness and you have talent!

  2. techcommguy1stblog says:

    I think we lose so much without humor and imagination as we get so busy keeping up with everything. I guess it takes discipline to keep developing your imagination. Ever see “Pan’s Labyrinth” ? The author, Guillermo del Toro, has kept logs of his ideas in notebooks for over two decades. Wow! I think that being able to express ideas with words, music, & art is such an awesome gift. But unfortunately, it is a gift that often gets lost as we get older.

    1. deannaayres says:

      No but it is on my “to watch list”. I don’t watch much TV so it takes me a while to catch up on my list 🙂 Yes, it is sad we lose that gift, I work hard to keep mine going haha. I can only appreciate music since I have no talent at making it but it has been source for great ideas!

      1. Jill Brockmann says:

        Steve and Deanna,
        I am thrilled that I have such amazing folks working on this project! Your comments are thoughtful, thought-provoking and generate a reason for others to follow your blog.

        Thank you for devoting such great energy to this platform.

      2. deannaayres says:

        It is so much fun and such a creative outlet, I forgot how much I missed expressing myself! It is great to have feedback and other opinions to work with!

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