Just being free isn’t enough

First off, my semester is over and I had a blast! I am blessed with wonderful professors and the stress was worth it. I learned so much in 11 weeks, met awesome people and I have discovered the love for blogging and social media. Now I am free.. for 2 weeks anyways..

That’s what my oldest used to call them..Buggawiggafly

What is free.. I think everyone’s definition of free is a different one. I saw this butterfly yesterday, it flew into the house and then was gracious enough to be a good model for me and the kids to observe and take pictures. Butterflies are free.. they flutter around from here to there..but it isn’t enough, they want flowers, sunshine and freedom :). I do too! Butterflies are some of my favorite insects, they are graceful and seem so effortless. They have intricate designs and are so fragile. Truly one of natures masterpieces.

While we are *free* we are not truly free.. we are bound by obligations and expectations, whether they are self imposed or imposed by external sources we are not completely free. We can only create a sense of freedom in our lives so we don’t feel trapped in this fast moving world that will go on with or without us.

So I am curious, what do you do to have a sense of freedom? Is it a hobby? Is it time alone? Or are you blessed with a job that lets you feel free? Do you even care about it? I have noticed many people are content and accept being stuck/ tied down. I guess I have a free spirit, a wandering soul I know there is more to discover and more to this world and I need to see and learn about it.

Butterflies serve as inspiration.. emotional, physical and for imagination purposes. When you get a chance stop and look at them.. study them up close, they are truly magnificent. Take time and learn from them. I hope you enjoyed the pictures I took!

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Thanks Dee


5 thoughts on “Just being free isn’t enough

  1. xxthemightyantxx says:

    I would say for me being free is out camping and away from the stresses of everyday things at home, and being with my fiance and just being together while enjoying each others company.

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