Who are you?

Yep, you read right. Who are you? No, I am not asking for your name. (Although I wouldn’t mind some of my readers introducing themselves ūüėÄ ) I am asking for who you are. What makes you, you. Do you know who you are or are you still figuring out who you are?

I think this isn’t thought about enough. While I believe we as people and individual personalities never stop growing, my question remains. Who are you? I think in my case I still am trying to figure that out. There are parts of me that I know. For example, I know that I am artistic, I like to talk (a lot around the right people), I love music (although I have no musical bone in my body), I am a geek-nerd-gamer, I am a mother and wife (while by choosing I don’t like the mold it creates), I am uniquely weird, I tick (a lot with new people and places I am not familiar with), I am stubborn and compassionate and I am empathetic, I have little nerve for stupidity and drama and I have no filter. I think I am not very social. However, I have been told I am quite social given the right setting, I am told I am a lot of fun to be around, and I appear to give off a vibe that compels many people who just met me to tell me their complete life story. Yep, everything. My husband has seen it and just shakes his head. Cashier at the store, stranger at the park it doesn’t matter. So there is obviously me how I see myself and me how others see me. Then there is also the me who I want to be, should be and if you could be anything you want.

I already¬†addressed¬†the who I want to be if I could be anything in a previous post. I also know that the past helps shape who we are today. I do however, want to point out while it shapes and¬†definitely has an impact, it is not the sole creator of you.¬†¬†At least it shouldn’t be. What about the future? Does it already have an impact on you? Let’s say you want to be a cop, you will try to not get in conflict with the law, so yes it already shapes you in the present. This may be why I am not 100% sure who I am. I have so many interests I want to pursue but I have a hard time saying “This is me! This is what I will do!” I have wants and dreams that I would like to pursue but that aren’t practical with a family. So I hold on in hopes one day I will know who I am fully and truly.

One of my friends. Very comfy with who he is :)I have to say though, I seem to have a restless soul and I have wondered if I already know who I am but because it doesn’t fit societies idea of what one should be, get confused and search for something that doesn’t need to be found. I think there is so much to learn, see, experience, discover, love and conquer in this world that I can’t settle into a role. I find I am defined by more than : Mother, Wife and student. Yet, it is what people reduce you to. I refuse to bend to that. I can’t. I won’t lie, I am a bit jealous of people who know who they are and knew who they would be. Like children who say I will be a doctor and become one and are happy and¬†full-filled¬†because they found their calling I guess. I am restless, I want to learn constantly, I want to see new places, master one thing and the next. Challenge myself and not settle for something.

I also know people who don’t know who they are at all, they are lost in everybody’s definition of who they should be. You should be an architect, you are a parent, you are someones spouse, you are a teacher, you are weird, you are not good enough, you are too overweight and therefore lazy. If you hear it long enough you belief external definitions of yourself. You get stuck. Well, get unstuck! You define who YOU are not your parents, your partner, your children, your friends. They are a part of you but they do not make you, however they can break you.

Obviously the conclusion is I AM DEE. Uniquely different from the rest and apparently lovable ūüôā We all are unique. So, who are you? Have you ever thought about it? Did you ever have to or have you always known? Why are you who you are, share what defines you! Share experiences, thoughts or disagreements, I love a good discussion.

A good photographer will see YOU, who YOU are, what makes you special and will capture that, highlight it and make it great! If they don’t tell them. They may see something you don’t know about yourself, work together.

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