Get your Geek on

So, guess what I will be doing on the weekend of the 25th of October… Take a guess.. come on .. Ok, ok, I will tell you! I am so excited…Comic Con in Austin, Texas! Yeah I have it easy, it takes me 30 min to get there but hey 😀 yay me! If you are around Austin or even in Texas, you should definitely go. You don’t have to be a nerd or a geek… I am but you don’t have to.

Are you wondering why you should go to Comic Con? Do you think it’s just comics and a geek fest and there couldn’t possibly be anything you like? Let me list some of the shows and people that will be there.
For starters.. Have you ever watched Star Trek? Yes? Guess who will be there…Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard), Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker), LeVar Burton (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge), Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Worf), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi), Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data) and Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher). How exciting is that?? I am still torn on all the events.. I won’t lie it can get expensive and it can get there really quick! They have a special 90 min Q&A with the above named team on Saturday night.. First 5 rows.. 125 a pop… That is wayyy to much for my bank account… However, I would love to!

Next on the list is Eliza Dushku (she played in Buffy and Angel.. and Dollhouse)
Then there is Wil Wheaton.. yeah… 😀
For those of you who watch the Walking Dead.. yep got a special treat for you too!
To make a long story short.. here is the list of celebrity attendees:

Anthony Michael Hall — 462
Brent Spiner — 167
CM Punk — 472
Craig Parker — 351
David Della Rocco — 442
Dean Cain — 347
Eliza Dushku — 464
Gates McFadden — 165
Jonathan Frakes — 153
Levar Burton — 159
Lou Ferrigno — 343
Marina Sirtis — 161
Michael Dorn — 151
Michael Rooker — 458
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — 377
Norman Reedus — 448
Patrick Stewart — 173
Paul McGillion — 359
Sean Patrick Flanery — 446
Sofia Milos — 365
Tanya Memme — 363
Vic Mignogna — 373
Wil Wheaton — 143

I will take this moment to point out that I do not see how Mike the situation fits into this…. but whatever….
Are you excited? Let’s not forget all the creators and artists and vendors that will be present..
I will be there with a bunch of friends from as far as NY and Pennsylvania and.. Germany. So, if you are thinking about going, are going or just want to talk about it.. find me on twitter under Nachthauch it’s also my gamer tag in all the games I play.. So I should be easy to find. If I see enough people I will definitely consider making a facebook group as well. If any of you are attending let me know I would love to meet you! Oh and I will be using the hashtag #getyourgeekon on twitter while I am there with updates! So join me 🙂
Another thing I want to point out is that we will be taking pictures.. Lots of them. I have access to a good camera that weekend so I am hoping to see many many people who dress up and get pictures with them. Cons are a really good place to practice photography. Many different people, places, settings.. outside, inside and you can make a story with it on top of it! I find it exciting. I will update as I know more. I do not believe in paying for autographs and pictures with celebrities, so don’t hope for any of that. If I run into them and they are nice enough to say, “Hey you are a fan, you write a blog and yes I’d love the free promo let’s take a pic..” I will absolutely post them and feature them on here.
Here is the link to the website

Check it out! You may like it ..

Hope to see you there! Or read you 🙂



7 thoughts on “Get your Geek on

  1. buzzquack says:

    If you can believe it, I guessed right! My immediate internal response was Comic Con, but as I clicked I thought, “Why would she go to CC, it’s probably a gaming thing. But there it is. Have a great time!!!

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