Got my Geek on!

Me and a Stormtrooper.. I may have stalked them lol

As I mentioned in my last blog, Comic Con Austin was underway this past weekend. Let me tell you, it was a blast and so so awesome! I met so many great people, saw awesome costumes, admired the creativity not only displayed by the artists.. which may I add were absolutely amazing and stunning, but also the people who came dressed up. Austin Texas really has it going on and I was almost shocked to see this many geeks, nerds and the like out and about. Who knew!? Austin seems to be a mini haven for this stuff and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it.

Let’s also not forget the VIPs that were present. While I didn’t actually meet any of them (I refuse to pay for autographs and pictures..) I did see them. As a matter of fact… I walked past Wil Wheaton downtown Austin Saturday night.. so close I could have touched him.. I am too polite to stop a star out and about, they have stressful days and I don’t want to harass. It was great though! I have watched him in Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory and you know what? He is shorter than I thought :). When we went to Maggie Maes Saturday for the costume after party, David Della Rocco from Boondock Saints showed up.. Amazing! He actually talked to my friend and pointed at him :D.

So I also have to share a funny story. We are at the Con on Friday, it’s fairly empty since people work and we stand by Darth Vader ( YES ) and my friend Steve goes Oh my God this is Brian Posehn! I was like WHO? He goes.. It’s a comedian and geek, he is famous and just walking around here with his friends! So I look at the guy and all I can think is “Never seen him or heard of him.. he looks like an owl..” So Steve asks my mom to take a pic and asks Brian if he can have one.. I am thinking oh yeah sure.. famous… and totally photobombed the picture as you can see… LOL Steve wasn’t too happy about it, but we got him another picture that I didn’t wreck in my attempt to be funny because I didn’t believe it.. go ahead laugh.. they made fun of me all weekend because of it.

The least impressive star in my opinion this weekend was Lou Ferrigno.. He played the original Hulk. I found him a bit rude and short with the fans and very defensive about pictures that weren’t paid for ($40). I heard Patrick Stewart was great, my friend Matt had the VIP ticket and got to sit in the first few rows when he did Q&A. He said it was great and he was really funny. I also think he still looks really good for his age.

We also watched Marvel VS DC role play Dungeons and Dragons style with super sized dice! It was AWESOME. Well it is if you are into that kinda stuff, but it was hilarious nonetheless. I added a little gallery at the end to show some random pics and I will write a few more blogs highlighting and showcasing certain “underdog” themes and causes that were happening.  I hope you enjoy the pics and keep an eye out for more blogs today! Let me know what you think, if you have questions or if you want pics taken .. mom is in town 😀 Oh and by all means, share, like, reblog! If you use any pictures, remember to link back and give credit to the photographer Ilona Haas-Mullins and the website can be found in the about section, as well as my blog and me Deanna Ayres.  


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