Fangtastic Vamplets *ROAR* Proceed with caution!

While roaming Comic Con we have met many great artists and vendors. I picked a few to highlight over the next couple of posts because I like their cause/product and because they were SUPER friendly. Niceness does pay off. I do want to point out that while I did see artists with great art.. they themselves were not very friendly or forthcoming so I won’t feature.


Today’s featured creatures are Vamplets! Be warned..  Shockingly cute, fangtastic and bloodthirsty they have a good handle on their humans  Daniel DeMacabre (I love the name!) and his lovely and beautiful partner (I unfortunately don’t have the name). I have a feeling the humans think that they handle the Vamplets but I was told by the Vamplets that attached themselves to my girls, that the Vamplet chooses a human as a pet and entertainment not the other way around. The Facebook page for Vamplets says “adopt if you dare..” I don’t think you have a choice 😀 See, we were adopted by Howliss (a werewolf baby) and Roari Snow (abominable snow baby). I tried to resist for quite a while. Al was chosen by Howliss and who would believe it… is a vegetarian.. she only drinks cherry juice!! Ky was chosen by Roari who thinks vegetarian werewolf babies are just silly and swears it’s because Howliss read Twilight..The 2 of them fit right into our crazy


family and are so very photogenic! The description of Roari says that she loves to be the center of attention, no surprise Ky and her get along so well! It’s a match made in heaven. Howliss comes with a recommendation for lots of scratching posts and teething toys. Oh and a suggestion for a large silver sturdy cage since she is allergic to silver and it calms her.. Again such a match!

Both of them have informed me that there is a demand for more Vamplets and that we have already been chosen by a few of their friends. I love how I get a say in this.. NOT. I couldn’t say no if I wanted to. Oh and let’s not forget.. they actually do good too. Hard to believe I know! If you get chosen by Hector the Gloomvanian Bat Baby a bite of that goes to the Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, TX. The Bat World Sanctuary rescues thousands of orphaned, injured, and abused bats each year.

Unfortunately NOT for sale…

They also have BAD wrist bands to further support the cause. 50% of the purchase goes to BWS. Bats actually serve a pretty good role in the environment. They are crazy feeders (think of all those insects gone) they pollinate and provide over 80 different types of medicine. I believe it is worth the effort!

Back to the play toy Daniel. He is so nice, took his time explaining the cause and what they stand for and even posed for pics. He let us take pictures and waited patiently, while the little vamplets duked it out about who gets us. We send him the pictures yesterday and he put them up immediately on facebook (here is the link :  ) with credit and praise. He is quick to respond and so very friendly!

Note the guinea pig at the top.. I will own one..

So… do you feel spoken to yet? Yes, Vamplets can make you do crazy things.. like compel you to check out the website and be adopted.. you can try to resist… go ahead.. try..

Anyway.. if you are in Texas I recommend you contact Daniel for them. If you are further away I am sure he will still help you and if not there is always a neat website with some give-aways and stories as well as a shop. G-Ra and Jay Kamhi are the creators of the website and the vamplets, so please if you use any of the stuff make sure you give credit !

I do hope you liked my blog today 😀 by all means comment and share it! Don’t forget to like it, it lets me know I am still doing good. Share the love, if you stop by Vamplets let them know you found out here!

Have a spooktacular day!!

Al and the Vegetarian…..

Oh oh.. I think the Vamplets have taken over!!!!