Holiday madness

Baking christmas cookies a few years ago in Germany

So thanksgiving is over.. YAY! It was great, the first year at my house with my husbands family and my mom. I may have stressed a bit much as I tend to have the need for perfection. I did have a great time though. The stress was worth it and it was nice sitting together playing some games and having great laughs. 

Mom flew back to Germany on Sunday and of course it was really sad. We miss her so much and 4 weeks a year isn’t ever enough and flies by way to fast. Thank goodness for things like Skype  Facebook, kindles and Iphones  That’s how we get to stay in touch. It makes me think of my aunt in Louisiana, who moved there about 40 years ago from Germany. How tough that must have been! I feel sad, even though I can regularly “see” my family, they call all the time, thanks to a plan they have that costs 3.95 Euro a month for unlimited US calling. I can text, chat, blog and play games with them. Back then even letters were expensive. Let’s not even think about calls. How times change..

What doesn’t seem to change is the holiday madness though. Back then moms and families stressed over thanksgiving and Christmas and today we still do the same. I think it is because we want it to be a great time. A time that we can spend with the people we love, have great food, create memories, take pictures and be TOGETHER. I know for a lot of people holidays also mean lots of fights because of the stress. Honestly though, it’s not worth it. Why fight when you get to be together. Think of all the families who can’t be together. Think of military who are stationed somewhere away, think of the ones overseas and most of all think of the families that are not only overseas but have a parent deployed on top of that. Think of how much they would give to be together. Think of the police officers who work those precious nights to make sure you are safe, the firefighters, the nurses and doctors, the waiters and cooks, the jail and prison staff, the dispatchers, the EMT personnel, the cab drivers, the pilots and stewardesses, hotel staff and so many more, who sacrifice their time with their families to make sure you have a great time.

I really just want people to remember the sacrifices others make and that when you get to spend holidays with your family you should cherish the time. Remember those less fortunate and be thankful for what you have. Time flies by so fast, create memories together not just for you, but for your children as well. Do something nice this season.. actually not just this season. I actually have a hard time with seasonal charity. People need help, a kind word or a smile throughout the year. Pay for someones coffee, be encouraging and kind, don’t yell at the store workers or cashiers, be kind. Smile at someone, hand out some flowers at the office or bring donuts or homemade cookies, just because you can. Without expecting anything in return. Think of it as a ripple effect.

Maybe we can’t stop holiday madness, the rush for last minute gifts, store runs and burned cakes but I think we can ease up a bit, learn to laugh about our little mistakes and mishaps and move on. Something I have to learn in my never ending pursuit of everything has to be perfect at least in the kitchen :).


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