Have a merry dubstep Christmas..wait what?

So here is the deal. My little one.. Alexis.. is a huge fan of Lindsey Stirling. If you have read all my posts you will know that of course. 🙂 Anyway.. So Lindsey Stirling announced a video competition in December and low and behold.. we didn’t see it until this week. The topic is “How to promote Lindsey Stirling” and you can win a Violin from Inova. So I tell Alexis and she goes “OMG Mom can I? Can I?” Who am I to say no. Lindsey is her idol and Alexis has been wanting a violin for about a year now. However, I can’t afford a Violin and lessons. I feel horrible but such is life.

Getting ready for the video
Getting ready for the video

Now, given that I am studying Social Media, I have to say GREAT PROMO idea 😀 and I also have to say that I wanted to help my kid so bad. I had wonderful ideas on how to promote her. I was going to call the school and have them help out and friends and family and get a cheap fake violin so she could pretend.. HOWEVER! Alexis shot me down. She had an idea in her head and that’s how it had to be done. She would promote her and all I was needed for, was well, to hold the iPhone, take the video and then edit it together. She picked the song, and I was only minimally allowed to suggest anything. She kicked her siblings out of the living room because “they are distracting her” and then said what she had to say. She then watched the clip on the phone and by god if she didn’t like it, I had to delete it and we would start over.

I love my little hunny bun. She made the effort, didn’t accept help for the most part and made it a point to do it herself. It’s her Christmas wish and I hope she gets it. I also know what else she gets 😉 Santa may be awesome and bring her a VIP ticket to a Lindsey Stirling concert in February where she can meet her in person!


Anyway, go check out the video and let Alexis know how she is doing! She didn’t want me to post but gee I AM MOM AND I AM PROUD. Doesn’t hurt to promote the promotion video lol. Still confused about the title? Well, in other houses you hear Christmas music.. in ours you hear dubstep by Lindsey. I have managed to weasle in some transiberian orchestra but shhh… So this is why we wish you a merry dubstep Christmas in light of the Lindseyfication of our house this year 😀

Love her in action!!!


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Oh and if you don’t know Lindsey 🙂 after you watch the video.. I will make it easy for you to find her : http://lindseystirlingviolin.com


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