Dreams are my Gate to another World

I am a dragon.. roaaar :)
I am a dragon.. roaaar 🙂

Dreams are my gate to another world. I dream vividly, day or night, and I love it. When I say during the day, I am of course referring to daydreaming. I think everyone of us needs to have dreams. It doesn’t matter if they ever happen or come true but dreams give us hope, motivation and something to look forward to.

Why am I writing about dreams today? Well, Glam-Shot had its first ever contest and we had many great submissions. The theme was dreams, night time dreams or day dreams, what dreams do you have and how would you like them to be executed in a photo shoot.

My sis in her world..
My sis in her world..

I am not going to lie. We were a bit worried, since dreams is such a wide topic and many people think about dreams in the traditional sense. I.e. I want a family, a house, a good job.. a nice vacation. Things like that.. We were hoping to get some creative entries, that go all out into a “fantasy world”. (It’s a free shooting after all, make it worth it right?) However, all the entries were amazing! One of my favorites so far was about a mothers children being her dream come true, how she used to wish upon a star and would love to have a shooting with a star tent, in kind of a night time setting, maybe with some fortune tellers who said her dreams would come true and so they did..
I don’t want to give away too much, we are still deciding on a final winner but I love the idea.

Once we have completed the winning shoot I will of course post some pics here and at Glam-Shot as well as our facebook page!

peter panAnyway, I have dreams too.. of course the regular ones like a great job in a field I love, writing and being creative. I have achieved the dream of a family and my own house already. I like to dream though, delve into these magic worlds where I can be a wizard, or have super powers, where I can change color as I please with just a thought. Yes, change colors! I have always wondered how they world would look if I could make it black and white and only give certain things color. Think about it, if everyone could color the world the way they see it, how would that affect us, and what does it say about each person? Just a thought.

Dreams allow you to be anything you want, anywhere you can imagine and with whoever you please. You are the creator of them, you influence them and sometimes you can even pursue them. Should you pursue every dream? Probably not, but hey who am I to say that, it’s your dream after all.

So out of curiosity, what are your dreams? Is it an achievable dream or just one where you go to relax and pretend? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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