I write, You write, We all write

Have you written lately? If not it's time to make time.
Have you written lately?

We may write but do we have anything of quality or interest to say?

Not always, but I don’t think that matters and here is why:
Most of the writing I have been doing over the past year was for work. I have severely neglected to post on my blog and website because I have been so busy writing for my job that at the end of the day, I didn’t want to sit down and write anymore. I want what I write to have meaning, to have an impact on at least one person who reads my thoughts.

I am a dreamer, a thinker, a wisher, a creator, an empath and a writer. Until recently I didn’t understand that writing is an outlet for me. An outlet for my creative side, for my professional side and an outlet for stress. I realized I don’t have to always write to touch someone else. Sometimes, I just need to write for myself. Let my thoughts run free, process them as I type or write in my notebook, come up with solutions and ideas, then move on.

Wouldn’t you know that by writing my thoughts down about a story I had heard not too long ago, I created a piece that inspired the people I shared it with. (I’ll share it next week, after it goes live) Yep, my way of creating suspense, hope you’ll come back to see what it’s about.. Okay, I’ll give you a hint. It’s about legacies, love and revelations.

If you have read my blog in the past, you’ll know I write from the heart on my personal blog. In my professional life, I am very technical and focused on the topic at hand. This time, I have combined the two. Because you see, as a writer you need to evolve, you need to push yourself to become better for yourself and your readers. I am by no means perfect, but I don’t mind imperfection. Imperfection means I have room to grow, to challenge myself, to create something new. Sometimes, it means I ramble, other times it means that writing my thoughts down has given me or others clarity that wasn’t there prior.

Today it means that I am back. It means that if I don’t want to write after work, I’ll write during the weekend and schedule the publishing for during the week. It means that sometimes my posts will have to be shorter than usual due to demands of life. But that’s okay. Because in the end, I write for myself with the hope that it inspired someone else.

We all write because we have something to say, we write because we want to be heard, we write because we believe our thoughts will have an impact on someone. We write because we need a meaning, a creative outlet, a stress reliever, a common vision, a job, a sounding board, a silent “listener”, an emotional ally, a place where we can share our deepest and most shallow ideas to anyone who will listen. We write because we are lonely, misunderstood, loved, hated, well received, heard, not heard, believed in, mistreated and so on. There are a million reasons why we write. And after all the time I have been writing, for all the wrong and right reasons, I learned that I write for myself first. I write for myself with the hope that what I have to say will have a positive impact on one person. Unless I write for work, then know that I write for my client with the best research and factual information that I can provide. Because then, I write for a different reason, then someone depends on me and I will deliver what I promise.

Why do you write? Have you ever taken a hiatus from writing? Why?

Share your thoughts with me, I’d love to discuss why write with.

On a last note, as a writer on your personal blog: Do you schedule and pre write the posts that will be published ahead of time or do you believe that what is written should be published immediately?


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