About Me

Hi! My name is Deanna Ayres, I am the chef & owner at The Salty German & Fitzhugh Kitchen. I specialize in German/Italian & European Cuisine & Flavors with a particular fascination for traditional heritage recipes and keeping scratch cooking & food processing the way my great grandparents did it alive. I believe in as little processed food as possible and teach cooking & food to children & teens.
Whenever I have time I love experimenting with flavors, textures, and fusion dishes and incorporating local food options into my regular menus. I truly believe in local first & farm to table cooking.
I have extensive experience in the kitchen, spanning back to the early 2000’s (not counting what I’ve learned from my family), as well as a Social Media Communication & Marketing Background (yeah I tried something different for a while) and Photography.
I am excited to combine my love for all of these here and share my favorite recipes, local & worldwide spots, favorite tools, local vendors and farms, and more as we explore and discover the world of food together!

While a lot of my features will be local, I am open to travel & suggestions for places, vendors, and farms to visit and connect with. Of course, I can run a few clearly marked sponsored posts that I’ll push across my channels – please get in touch if that’s something you’re interested in.
If you have an item, or food product you’d like for me to try and give an honest review on and share with my followers I’d be happy to talk. Most of what I do is organic with referred connections and my personal favorites.
My goal is to share the culinary world the way I see it, the way I love it, the connections, and the impact local shopping and food has on a community. I’d love to build a strong community and help local and near vendors to connect with each other and live by that mantra.
Just want to chat? Would love to – I talk a lot esp. if you give me coffee 😉

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