About Dee

My name is Dee, mother of 3 and wife of an awesome husband. While I had created this blog as part of my Social Media Course in College, it has evolved and become something very dear to me. It showcases my family as well as my thoughts on life as I see it. The main focus is photography and how I see life around me. There is a quote by Gerhard Shaller ” I have seen it because I took a photograph, or I would have not seen it!” I love that quote. We miss so many things every day and pictures are a way to capture little (or big) moments through our life and magnify their beauty or importance. They help us to remember what we might forget and appreciate the things we see everyday.

I have evolved and learned a LOT since the beginning of this blog. I have started a career with the Marketing Zen Group, expanded my photography and grown as a person.

We live on our phones, tablets, laptops and so on, now we hardly need to meet anymore. So please, take a seat, glass of wine or a coffee and spend some time with me on this exciting journey I am about to embark on.

Feel free to add me, recommend me, share my blog, subscribe and please leave comments!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


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