Ever Wish You Could Figure Out Your Purpose?

Confession time – I too struggled with that for a really LONG time. I always worried about other people, how me being me would affect relationships, and what else I could do to just FIT IN. But you know what? It comes at the cost of hiding parts of you. Suppressing YOU for others who likely won’t do the same for you. You and I were put on this earth, in this life to be US. To make a difference. To stand out. To influence and share our passions with those that need it. You’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s 100% OKAY.

Hi! My name is Dee and I am unabashedly and uniquely me. It took me almost 40 years to figure out that I am me and that’s fucking fantastic. I am shaped by my experiences, my happy times, my trauma, my successes, and my failures. So what am I?

  • Passionate & Pushy
  • Stubborn & Persistent
  • Soulful & Bitchy
  • Introverted & Talkative
  • Exhausting & Caring
  • Smart & Curious
  • Loving & Witchy
  • Unique & Controversial
  • Sensitive & Courageous
  • Bossy & Motivated
  • Loyal & Empathetic
  • Truthful & Authentic

Sounds like bla bla right? Like every other damn self-help group. Which is why I am not a self-help group. Why I am not building a tribe. I come first for me and my family. I am not a follower. Tribes one or a few leaders and then they need FOLLOWERS.
I think we all lead our lives first. I can guide you, coach you, advise you, but YOU are YOUR leader. You run your own show. We all get lost sometimes and need a cheerleader. And that’s what I am here for. I want to cheer you on. I can’t do it for you. You have to learn, you have to grow, you have to love, forgive, heal, and rise like a fucking phoenix. After you’ve had a badass cup of coffee (or tea).

In conclusion. I am a freaking Queen. I am a dragon. I am the heroine of my own story. I love my heritage, who I was and will become. I know that I have flaws and I know I can be better. But I know that I deserve the castle, the king, and all the magic that comes with life. I will conquer, explore, create, build, and inspire.

The question is. Will you rise with me? Will you build your kingdom. Your Castle. Your Throne. Or will you sit outside the castle walls wondering if that’s all you’re ever meant to do? Sit outside, looking in, feeling sorry for yourself? That’s not you. That’s not me. That’s not us. Time to rise.

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