Take a moment.

I am on a roll today with blogs. I hope everyone enjoys them! I will update as I get inspired and today I have had one thought after another and they all tie together. Hang in there as I explain 😀 The title of the blog is “Take a moment.” Take a moment for? is probably what you are thinking. Good, got you thinking. For pics you have to keep reading 🙂Continue reading “Take a moment.”

Texas eating

Yummy BBQ

While my focus is photography, I love food as well and what better than to combine the 2! When I think food photography I don’t think what we see in advertisements, i think beautiful portraits of food and places, that makes it look so delicious you can smell and taste it! I obviously like food, visually appealing food even more. I also find that a well taken picture of food, blown up and hung in a frame can function quite nice as accents or topics of conversation. I mean, how many people really hang up food pictures? Continue reading “Texas eating”

Photographing the people you love

Nur voraus gegangen- Only went forward

Today I have been looking at different photographers and I do have to say, more than I thought have actual blogs. I find that not only amazingly awesome, I also find it inspiring. Not only do they take wonderful pictures, they also share their tips and inspirations. Which I am very grateful for and you should be too!. Granted reading their inspiration may not give you inspiration, but at the very least, it is a good read. Continue reading “Photographing the people you love”