Why I want to take Laser Pegs Camping

I am a huge fan of Laser Pegs, my kids each have sets and love them dearly. They have been great educational toys for my special needs child in terms of lp19 Continue reading “Why I want to take Laser Pegs Camping”

Have a merry dubstep Christmas..wait what?

So here is the deal. My little one.. Alexis.. is a huge Continue reading “Have a merry dubstep Christmas..wait what?”

Fangtastic Vamplets *ROAR* Proceed with caution!

While roaming Comic Con we have met many great artists and vendors. I picked a few to highlight over the next couple of posts because I like their cause/product and because they were SUPER friendly. Niceness Continue reading “Fangtastic Vamplets *ROAR* Proceed with caution!”

Darth Vader, Jedi, Jawas and Grandma Leiah?

Darth Maul

Here is my Star Wars post as promised 😀 It was great to see so many dressed up in the Star Wars theme, since I am a huge fan and play the online MMOPRG. We didn’t manage to get pictures of them all but we got quite a few. One of the best ones in my opinion was Continue reading “Darth Vader, Jedi, Jawas and Grandma Leiah?”

Gears, Goggles and lots of Steam!

Steampunk couple

If you are into Steampunk you probably guessed what this blog is about. If you aren’t, then you probably feel like I did at Comic Con. A photographers dream, a geeks Continue reading “Gears, Goggles and lots of Steam!”

Got my Geek on!

Me and a Stormtrooper.. I may have stalked them lol

As I mentioned in my last blog, Comic Con Austin was underway this past weekend. Let me tell you, it was a blast and so so awesome! I met so many great people, saw awesome costumes, admired the creativity not only displayed by the artists.. which may I add were absolutely amazing and stunning, Continue reading “Got my Geek on!”

Get your Geek on

So, guess what I will be doing on the weekend of the 25th of October… Take a guess.. come on .. Ok, ok, I will tell you! I am so excit Continue reading “Get your Geek on”

Back to the Past?

Sucked in

So my mom took this picture of my niece.Love her dearly and my sister may be upset with me after this but I love her too, so chill sis. ❤ I am about to step on more than her toes I am sure. Continue reading “Back to the Past?”