Unabashedly US

Like I said, I am not here to build a tribe. But I am up for making genuine connections, build trust, work through things WITH you – not for you. Becoming a better version of yourself requires commitment, hard work, and understanding. You’ll reflect, laugh, cry, and maybe even get mad at me, and that’s okay! We’re in this TOGETHER.

I am not your average coach. I’d consider myself more of a creative storyteller that weaves your life path together with you. We’ll take the narrative of your life and re-write your story creatively. I’ll help you discover the story that made you, the true and false assumptions that you make because of your life story and how you were shaped into the self doubting or even scared person you are today. I’ll help you fuel your story and re-energize your passions, purpose, and love for yourself. I may even introduce you to other clients (with permission, of course) if I believe you would benefit from each other! And honestly, I am not a dating coach at all, but I’m happy to guide you with love too. Because, after all, that’s what most of us struggle with.

Empathetic Guiding

I honestly believe that one of the things we lack the most in current times is empathy, care, love for one another, and understanding for each others experiences, traumas, successes, worries, fear, love, and needs. Social Media has created a trap in the story telling of ones story. It’s making us believe in things and people that are living the life we wish we had, the success we strive for. It creates the need to portray oneself as something we are not. Our storytelling becomes creative in the wrong ways. We need to start guiding ourselves and others with empathy instead of non stop positivity. I like to call that toxic positivity. When you find that you’re always supposed to be grateful, happy, positive, and smiling, you don’t allow yourself to feel your true emotions anymore. You try but can’t succeed in finding this unattainable happiness and in turn start becoming sad.

There is a significant difference in being positive all the time and doing good. Doing good will make you feel better. Faking positivity will not. You’re allowed to be a good person with bad days. It happens to EVERYONE. I want you to also learn that it’s okay to be empathetic to someone’s feelings and experiences without letting it affect YOU. You can’t give yourself up to become a savior for others. It never works. You must learn to replenish yourself so you can give to others. Which is why I only take on a certain amount of clients at a time. I can’t be my best version for you if I stretch myself too thin trying to take on too many. I have a genuine interest in helping people becoming unabashedly the best version they can be.

Yes, I love coffee & cups what can I say. But to make a long story short, if you’re ready, let’s work together. Let’s begin telling our stories, share our thoughts, and stop the excuses. Whether you book just a single call with me, a regular guiding plan, or soon, a workshop, or just want to get started with my checklist, it’s time. Begin.

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