Dreams are my Gate to another World

Dreams are my gate to another world. I dream vividly, day or night, and I love it. When I say during the day, I am of course referring to daydreaming. I think everyone of us needs to have dreams. It doesn’t matter if they ever happen or come true but dreams give us hope, motivation […]

Engagement shooting

I just wanted to share some sample pictures of the latest engagement shooting! Love is such a wonderful thing and as a photographer to be allowed to capture the stepping stones in other peoples lives is a true joy! Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to check out my other posts 😉 […]


Time to spice things up a bit and add a sizzling blog! It’s hot and so is this. Time to explore sensual purity! My title is “Purenographic”. What is that you may wonder? Let me start here. In these days we are flooded with naked models, pornography that show distorted images of men and women, […]

Black and White.. or is it?

I favor Black and White photographs, pencil or coal drawings. Obviously, if you look at my blog 🙂 To me there is something mystical, oddly romantic about black and white. We see colors every day, most pictures are in color, we know the colors of our surroundings, we never question anything. Black and White gives […]