Home Is Where You Are Loved The Most And Act The Worst.

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How true is this? I haven’t heard this quote like this before but it makes so much sense to me. One would think that at home, where you are most loved, most respected, most welcome, you’d be your best too. But you aren’t because you are also most comfortable there, most relaxed. You know that at home love is strong and your family loves you for who you are. With all the good and all the bad you have to offer. You know that when you have a bad day, they may be upset, but you’ll be forgiven. You have trust and faith in your family that they can handle you and Continue reading “Home Is Where You Are Loved The Most And Act The Worst.”

In a wink of time

I hope I caught your interest with my past blogs. If this is your first time on my blog, welcome and I hope you stay to read my other posts. I have written about reflection, the soul of a photograph, food as art and a few others. I chose In a wink of time as a title to emphasize how fast time flies. To stress the importance of little moments, fleeting pictures, scenes passing by so fast we forget.  Continue reading “In a wink of time”