Dreams are my Gate to another World

Dreams are my gate to another world. I dream vividly, day or night, and I love it. When I say during the day, I am of course referring to daydreaming. I think everyone of us needs to have dreams. It doesn’t matter if they ever happen or come true but dreams give us hope, motivation […]

Have a merry dubstep Christmas..wait what?

So here is the deal. My little one.. Alexis.. is a huge fan of Lindsey Stirling. If you have read all my posts you will know that of course. 🙂 Anyway.. So Lindsey Stirling announced a video competition in December and low and behold.. we didn’t see it until this week. The topic is “How […]

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Imagination is my escape. Often I live in my head, my own little world. Children have for the most part an amazing world going on in their head. Unless you are my oldest daughter who thrives on logic and facts.. then understanding me and the rest of us becomes difficult. 🙂 After watching and listening […]

If you could, who would you be?

If anything was possible and I could pick whatever I wanted, reality or fantasy.. I would totally be an elven wizard! Fireballs galore, lots of magic, candles and cool stuff! Let’s not forget the pointy ears.. Live in a realm that has knights, kings and queens, talking trees and battles! Of course there is a […]