Home. Where My Love For Food Started.

The Kitchen Window. The picture above you see is my Mama’s kitchen window. The window I grew up with in Germany. It doesn’t always look that pretty and organized but it’s always had meaning to me. Just like the little town of Neckarburken pictures to the right – where I grew up my entire childhood. […]

From scratch to batch

So, it’s Saturday, it’s kind of gloomy outside and the kids are playing without fighting. So what does a mom do with free time? Wel l.. I could think of a million things but I love my kids so I made… homemade granola bars! Yes, you heard me right.. homemade.. and it was sooo sooo […]

The kitchen window

I love my moms kitchen window. Memories flood when I see pictures of it. Christmas, family dinners, looking who came to visit, spring, or that one time.. I will describe in a bit. I love the kitchen as a whole, it’s a place to cook, meet, talk, hang out, be creative… I have talked to […]

Summer, fun, pictures… DIET?

I was a bit torn on 2 topics and which order I want to post them. So I will start with summer, fun, pictures and DIET? Summer equals less clothes, more bathing suits and bikinis, beach, sun, vacation and lots of pictures. We all want to look our best for that. So what do we […]

Thank you

This won’t be a long post like my usual ones. I can sum it up in 2 words really.  Thank you! Thank you for reading my blog, sharing it, following it and participating! It’s about you all, the ones who read and enjoy. My heart skips a beat! I hope you will continue to love […]