Saturday fun

I am still alive just really busy 🙂 If you want regular updates you can follow me on twitter or instagram. I added a few random pics to show how I feel today, hope it lifts your spirits! If you have some time, please browse through some of my older posts and share them on […]

Free Workshop for Photography? Yes please!

I just wanted to share this with everyone real quick. As we all know I am a big big fan of continuous learning. I don’t believe we reach a level ever where we have nothing left to learn. I have a website I want to share, it’s free and awesome. It’s online workshops for free, by industry professionals […]

Just being free isn’t enough

First off, my semester is over and I had a blast! I am blessed with wonderful professors and the stress was worth it. I learned so much in 11 weeks, met awesome people and I have discovered the love for blogging and social media. Now I am free.. for 2 weeks anyways.. What is free.. […]