Why I want to take Laser Pegs Camping

I am a huge fan of Laser Pegs, my kids each have sets and love them dearly. They have been great educational toys for my special needs child in terms of 

Advent, Advent.. Christmas countdown has begun <3

Today will be short and to the point: Christmas countdown has begun. I am a day late and yes, yes as always a dollar short :D. I’ll talk about Christmas traditions, pictures, recipes and the like in the upcoming weeks and share our own traditions and will invite you to share yours. If you haveContinue reading “Advent, Advent.. Christmas countdown has begun <3”

Gamers, the misunderstood breed

I have had this topic in my head for weeks. So my challenge today is to incorporate photography and gamers, nerds, geeks whatever the word of choice is for you. First off, I am a proud and avid gamer, geek AND nerd. 🙂 I come with an attached stigma many people can’t get past. WeContinue reading “Gamers, the misunderstood breed”