Home. Where My Love For Food Started.

The Kitchen Window. The picture above you see is my Mama’s kitchen window. The window I grew up with in Germany. It doesn’t always look that pretty and organized but it’s always had meaning to me. Just like the little town of Neckarburken pictures to the right – where I grew up my entire childhood. […]

Near or Far – My Family is Always in My Heart

It doesn’t matter how far apart you are – what matters is the love you feel.

Ghosts of Christmas past

Being sick this week, laying on the couch a lot and looking at old pictures with the kids questions about my childhood come up. Since it’s so close to Christmas most of them centered around how we used to celebrate and what traditions we still have. Well for starters.. I finally got a hold of […]

From scratch to batch

So, it’s Saturday, it’s kind of gloomy outside and the kids are playing without fighting. So what does a mom do with free time? Wel l.. I could think of a million things but I love my kids so I made… homemade granola bars! Yes, you heard me right.. homemade.. and it was sooo sooo […]