Saturday fun

I am still alive just really busy ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want regular updates you can follow me on twitter or instagram. I added a few random pics to show how I feel today, hope it lifts your spirits! If you have some time, please browse through some of my older posts and share them on […]

Inspire, Create & Achieve

Yesterday I posted a status on my Twitter feed which said:ย  Be motivated to be the best everyday, not just on days it suits you. Inspire, create and achieve. I realized this was a great blog title! So why the status you wonder? Well, many times (and I am known to do this myself on […]

Get your Geek on

So, guess what I will be doing on the weekend of the 25th of October… Take a guess.. come on .. Ok, ok, I will tell you! I am so excited…Comic Con in Austin, Texas! Yeah I have it easy, it takes me 30 min to get there but hey ๐Ÿ˜€ yay me! If you […]

The DORK side :)

I just wanted to thank the dork side so much for sharing my blog post on their facebook site! The response was amazing and I had over 1500 views in one day!!!! ย The overall feedback was also extremely positive which is really encouraging! It just shows that there are still people out there who are […]