1 Year of Blogging and Bees

beesIt’s been one year since I started this wordpress page! Time flew by, things changed and I am ready to take on new adventures! My internship is coming to an end.. exactly 20 days are left. So what is next? Well, Bees. Sound crazy? Yes, I think so too. However, it is for a wonderful cause and I love volunteering for a good cause. I will take pictures for the Central Texas Bee Rescue, lead by Walter Schumacher. It’s all about rescuing feral bees, cleaning up the myths regarding bees and highlighting the POSITIVE about bees and not the negative press like “Africanized Bees Kill Innocent Man”. Is it true that people die after bee attacks? Yes, it can happen. Too often bees are portrayed in a negative light, but little is reported about the benefit of bees.

Well, we are here to change that! When I say we, I mean my professor Jill Brockmann, her current social media class, me, Walter and all the other wonderful people who are involved in this. Bees are dying and the damage that comes from less bees isn’t understood by many. I will start linking to blogs that talk about bees, bee rescue and bee keeping and yummy food with organic raw honey!

I won’t bore you today with a lot of fluff as my supervisor says 😀 So straight to the point (after my beginning rambles)
Check out, follow, like

Central Texas Bee Rescue
Central Texas Bee Rescue facebook 

And if you are close to Austin, Texas join us on Thursday June 13th 2013 at the W Hotel in Austin at 6.30pm for the first honey spinning gala!

I will be there taking pictures, so if you can’t make it make sure to check them out!


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