Jump for Joy

I really wanted to post an in-depth blog about what is on my mind, but there is so much on my mind, I have to break it down in different posts. I haven’t posted much lately as I have been extremely busy. I started an internship with the Marketing Zen Group (jump for joy) and I am loving every second of it. I am still in school full-time (jump for joy but not as high) and my beloved husband gave me one of the greatest birthday gifts ever! My very own professional Canon camera. JUMP FOR JOY! My kids are highly annoyed by my incessant taking of pictures, but they will be alright. They were gracious enough to let me take Jump for Joy pictures. So check out the Gallery of joyful jumping and their hilarious faces while jumping 😀

So, what makes you jump for joy these days?


7 thoughts on “Jump for Joy

  1. buzzquack says:

    Oh this really made me smile!

    I have a beautiful iris that was very slow to mature. It’s bearded and fancy and some crazy color that may be grey or pink, or I don’t know what. If finally blossomed today.


      1. livingonyourown says:

        I love your pictures!!! What makes me Jump for Joy?

        Recently, I have realized how much I love Spring! I love to listen to the rain at night, anticipating the crisp, damp air that follows. I love watching the fog at dawn. I love walking my dog in the cool, fresh air. I love the way the day brightens when the sun comes out, dismisses the fog, and beckons the blue skies and billowy white clouds to join her in a gay dance through the day. I love the new leaves as they reappear on the trees in varying tints of green. I love the wildflowers that turn the roadsides into prisms of color. I love driving through the Hill Country to hunt for the best patches of bluebonnets. Spring makes me Jump for Joy!!!

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