“Desire looks clear from the eyes of a lovely bride: power as strong as the founded world”

“Desire looks clear from the eyes of a lovely bride: power as strong as the founded world” ~Sophocles 

This is what my blog today is about, Brides on their wedding day. It is true that a brides desire shines through her eyes. They have a special sparkle that day. The bride is often the star at the wedding, everyone looks to her when she walks down the aisle, admire her beauty and her dress. Everyones heart melts when the bride looks at the groom, latest when they kiss.

Most brides are beyond nervous on their wedding day, there is so much that can go wrong, so many things to remember and of course, biggest step in her life! Here are some thoughts that go through brides minds.. enjoy 🙂

Walking down the aisle and not tripping, hoping the dress flows like it should, hopefully everyone is on time, oh dear- hopefully the groom and his grooms men aren’t drunk.., maybe I should have a glass of champagne to ease my nerves, did I really pick this dress, oh my hair.. it’s humid.. please don’t frizz up.., Please god, don’t let me forget my nuptials, what if I drop the ring..,  I am so nervous, I can’t believe I am about to get married, I can’t wait I am so excited, I want to puke, I do I do I do I do I do….

Of course these are just a few, and a couple of funny ones for humors sake. I asked some friends and that’s what I came up with. 🙂

However, Brides do put a lot of work into the wedding and have a lot of stress leading up to their special day (some are featured on bridezillas ..but let’s leave that alone). This is why I think brides should be captured by an awesome photographer from the moment they start getting ready all the way to the reception. To capture that transformation from Fiancee to Wife. When she gets up in the morning, she is engaged.. but by the end of the day she will have transformed into a beautiful butterfly and merged 2 families together and now has her own. That is huge for one day. Your world changes. Your name changes, your place of living changes (if you are traditional of course), your relationships change, your family changes… Yes, we could argue that it is the same prior, but really it isn’t. I DO, changes a lot especially for women.

As a photographer I think it is important to catch that desire in a brides eyes.. the flame and longing, the anticipation to be his wife. Brides glow and radiate a certain beauty that rivals those of pregnant women. Brides should have fun on their wedding day, so make them comfortable, experiment and let their personality shine through no matter how goofy they are! Capture those big smiles as well as their moments of serenity and thoughts as they get ready.. remember they are transforming on this special day.. Use your camera to capture that story of love and go through the motions with her.

I shared some of our bridal pictures, let me know what you think! Next time I will write about grooms *wink*.

As always if you have suggestions or pictures you would like me to share, or have questions about booking a shooting, contact me and I will be happy to talk to you!

Check out some more pictures at the end 🙂








4 thoughts on ““Desire looks clear from the eyes of a lovely bride: power as strong as the founded world”

      1. xxthemightyantxx says:

        I’ll keep an eye out for it. If i remember correctly the photographer is your mom? If it is I’m really impressed on the professional job she does with her shots.

      2. deannaayres says:

        Yes, my mom and she is amazing! Thank you so much, she has a unique eye for people and she thinks out of the box, which to me makes a true artist!

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