Darth Vader, Jedi, Jawas and Grandma Leiah?

Darth Maul

Here is my Star Wars post as promised 😀 It was great to see so many dressed up in the Star Wars theme, since I am a huge fan and play the online MMOPRG. We didn’t manage to get pictures of them all but we got quite a few. One of the best ones in my opinion was Darth Maul. That dude took his time with his makeup and costume. My hat is off to him! I am absolutely fascinated by the perfection of it including the horns and markings!

I also can’t lie, I think they storm troopers may consider a restraining order against me 😀 ( just kidding ) but I was all over them. I’ll post another pic of me and one of them 😛 I saw him on my way out Friday.. ran up and hopped up and down asking him to take 5 secs to take a pic with me.. he obliged.. for 10 secs.. lol He may think

Me and the Storm Trooper

I have some mental problems.. lol Their get up was just awesome.. clean ones and dirty ones fully engulfed in their character. Which is also why it was so easy for me to talk to them..

Play fight, note the older Han

One of the highlights in my opinion was on Saturday, when a spontaneous play happened between Star Wars characters who hadn’t known each other prior but started to make a mini show and co op photo session for bystanders. This is why I love this community so much. No shame in playing and being in a character. Spending hours indulging in a fantasy world and being admired for it. Kudos to all of them on the time they spent it took to look this awesome and perfect! When they started their “fight” I noticed an older couple.. it was Leia and Han Solo. How awesome is that!? Generally no one associates older people with dressing up, going to cons and living the fantasy. They did and I would love to have them as part of my family! Grandma Leia and Granpa Han ❤ I loved loved loved it and them! I would have liked a picture with them but so did about a 100 other people. They were HOT.

Grandma Leiah

One of these years I would love to go to a Star Wars Celebration. We have only seen a tiny tiny fraction of what’s out there this weekend but it is amazing. Again, as far as photography goes, amazing pictures possible. We were a bit limited since there were a TON of people there on Saturday when most of the SW people showed. I wish I could get them back together and have an actual shoot with
them! Oh and did you notice the little kid next to his daddy in costume?( Better pics in the slideshow..) It is awesome and my kids are due with costumes next year. We are already planning it. I am definitely looking forward to next year, with better planning and time management. We missed some stuff and we didn’t take the kids. Next year will be different. If you can get to a con you should go, they have amazing talent and artists there. My next post will feature some of the vendors and people I have met with links to their site and what they are about as I feel they should get some recognition for being super friendly, helpful and awesome!  Let me also not forget..

steve is getting force choked 😀


Steve got force choked! 😛






Oh almost forgot the Jawa pic! and R2D2 


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