“Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy”

“Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy”
― Ludwig van Beethoven

True words, spoken by a mastermind in classical music. I for one am obsessed with Beethovens 9th! Freude schoener Goetterfunken.. In case you aren’t familiar here is a youtube video for you 🙂 Unfortunately embedding was not allowed for this particular one.


I am obsessed with classical music. I meet more and more people who do not know who Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and the like are. That is so so sad to me. Classical music is packed with emotion, story, excitement, holding your breath and release! It brings about its very own climax. It can be joyful and sad in one, true masterpieces created so long ago that still captivate people who truly listen!

I am not a big fan of music today. Most has no meaning and to me sounds uninspiring. Artists may produce a catchy tune that you cannot get out of your head but I consider those cheap non lasting thrills. I need substance. Something relatable not only in text but emotion as well.

The music you choose is directly related and tied to your emotional need and state. If you are sad, you listen to sad music, if you are happy you listen to upbeat, if you are in love you listen to all the love songs. I admire artists who can capture the essence of feelings and are able to communicate a force of emotion just by choosing the right tempo, instruments and notes and create a moment in time that can open yourself to your true self and give you a kind of self discovery.

I for one can only appreciate good music. I have no musical bone in my body. I am an artist on paper and with pictures. Music is full of the artists emotion, thoughts and personality just like someone who draws or takes pictures. It inspires so much!  I encourage you to take some time and find some good music that speaks to you listen to it and live those emotions. Take a notebook and write down why it speaks to you, how you feel and why. Take a mini journey to self discovery.

As a photographer taking pictures of bands and artists is a fun experience. You get to capture their essence of who they are with your picture while they express who they are through music. When you take pictures of an artist make sure you are familiar with their work, so you can relate and show them in your form of art.

I hope you enjoyed some of the sample pictures featured of musicians and were able to see the difference in personality and style.

Are you an artist? Share your story! What is your take on music?

As always share, like, follow and of course comment!



PS: If you are looking for something fresher and a new take on the Violin check out http://lindseystirlingviolin.com/ she has some amazing music!!!!



10 thoughts on ““Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy”

  1. techcommguy1stblog says:

    Beethoven and Trent Reznor are two of my absolute favs! I had a blast playing the third part of MoonLight Sonata(the really fast piece -presto agiato- 120 bpm) and spent about 5 hours a day one summer getting the timing and fingering correct. So glad you are a fan!

    1. deannaayres says:

      I admire people who can actually play themselves! It is by far not easy to pick up and just play. I can play parts on the wooden flute and believe me I practiced lol..the 9th that is 🙂

  2. Jimmy Chancellor says:

    I’ve always had a strange religious frevor in music. The only other thing (besides certain people) to give me such strong feelings where certain written words.

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