The kitchen window

I love my moms kitchen window. Memories flood when I see pictures of it. Christmas, family dinners, looking who came to visit, spring, or that one time.. I will describe in a bit. I love the kitchen as a whole, it’s a place to cook, meet, talk, hang out, be creative…

I have talked to my mom about everything standing or sitting next to the kitchen window, gazing out, collecting my thoughts. We made crafts for Christmas and always decorated that particular window especially nice since it faced the street. We closed it when we argued, and opened it wide in spring and fall to let the air in and enjoy the weather. We stood by it waiting for friends and family and ran to the front door when the cars pulled up. I am sure mom stood by that window when I started going out and came home but stayed in the car with my friends to talk.

I am sure everyone has that special place at their parents that is packed with memories, good and bad.. the kitchen was also where I had to sit.. and listen when mom was mad. 🙂 We played games at the kitchen table and oh dear, that did not always go over well.. We baked cookies and talked about life, learned lessons and cried. I remember standing by that window when I told my mom I was leaving my ex boyfriend even though I still loved him. I was by the same window when we talked about me getting married, when I was pregnant and I told her, when we talked about me moving, when we were creative together.. it was also that window where I saw my neighbor run out buck ass naked during a thunderstorm to close windows on his car in the middle of the night and me and my dad were watching the lightning.. hahah nothing I ever! wanted to see..

The kitchen and women.. a joke everyone heard in many variations, but honestly, I love kitchens.. They are awesome and I spend a good amount of time in mine. I feel home there. I can connect with my family in a unique way and teach my children the same.

So anyway, life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies and even I do get homesick and miss my moms kitchen window.. I miss the times and her. When I do, she takes pictures of it for me. I figured I should share those memories and encourage everyone to remember their special place. Take pictures, it is such a wonderful thing.. And speaking of kitchen.. check out what she made for dinner… I can smell it and taste it just looking at it!

Do you have pictures of your happy place? Where is it and what is it? Let me know!

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